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List of Top e-Rickshaws In India 2019

Top e-Rickshaws

E-Rickshaw, With the increased demand for the e-Rickshaw market in India, there is a need to know about the best e rickshaw. Owners of e-rickshaws in India can be benefitted from FAME India Scheme. let’s have a Look at the Top e-Rickshaws in India.

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The e-Alfa Mini Rickshaw

Mahindra has launched an all-electric e-Alfa Mini rickshaw in India. It has a 4+1 seating space, it can carry 5 people at a time. It is currently available in Delhi-NCR region and will soon be introduced in Lucknow and Kolkata. It’s the best suited for mile connectivity.

Specifications of e-Alfa Mini Rickshaw

  • Motor Powered- 120Ah battery
  • Range- 85 km on a single battery charge
  • Top speed- 25 km/h
  • 2-year warranty offering one-time free battery replacement.
  • It costs 1.12 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi).
Top e-Rickshaws
Top e-Rickshaws

kinetic Safar e-Auto Rickshaw

It aims at providing green mobility. kinetic Safar E-Auto with a waterproof cloth, maximum range is 80 km, it carries 4 people at a time.

Specifications of kinetic Safar e-Auto Rickshaw

  • The motor power is 1000 W
  • Range- 80 km
  • The motor power- 1000 W
  • Seating capacity- 4
  • It costs Rs. 1.48 Lakh

Top e-Rickshaws
Top e-Rickshaws

Baba e-Rickshaw

Top e-Rickshaws
Top e-Rickshaws

Baba e-Rickshaw from Chehak batteries, leading battery manufacturer exporters of environment-friendly Battery Operated Vehicles. It aims at manufacture E-Rickshaws & E-Carts of the highest quality with the latest technology.
I Cat Approved E- Rickshaw has motor power of 1170 Watt, With a battery voltage 12V, it will take 8-10 hrs to charge. It can be loaded up to 500kg.

Specifications of Baba e-Rickshaw

  • Range-80 km
  • Seating capacity- 4 seater
  • motor power of 1170 Watt
  • battery voltage 12V
  • Charging time- 8-10 hrs
  • It costs 1.2 Lakh


Jezza’s J1000 e-Rickshaw

Jezza’s J1000 Electric Rickshaw provides eco-friendly options to its consumers. It charges in 8 hours. Powerful Reflector Headlight, SMPS AXIOM Charger, Exide ER100 Battery, 1000 Watt Motor, Alloy Wheels.

Specifications of Jezza’s J1000 e-Rickshaw

  • Range-50-60 km
  • 1000 Watt Motor
  • Exide ER100 Battery
  • Its price- Rs. 1.2 lakh
Top e-Rickshaws
Top e-Rickshaws

Udaan e-Rickshaw

Udaan E-Rickshaw E rickshaw has Hydraulic Shockers for better comfort, fog light, MAX power 1410 wat with a range of 75-125 km. Body weight 214 kgs with the automatic charging facility.
It carries 4+1 people at a time.

Specifications of Udaan e-Rickshaw

  • Range- 75-125 km
  • Body weight- 214 kgs
  • Seating capacity- 4+1
  • MAX power 1410
  • It costs- 98,000/-

    Top e-Rickshaws
    Top e-Rickshaws

Bahubali e-Rickshaw

Bahubali E Rickshaw with the motor type 48 volt 1000 watt brushless motor, it takes 7 to 8 hours for charging which gives 70 to 100 range. It has a loading capacity of 400 kg and 203 kg body weight.

Specifications of Bahubali e-Rickshaw

  • Range- 70 to 100 range
  • loading capacity-400 kg
  • body weight- 203
  • Seating capacity-4
  • It costs 1.25 Lakh

Top e-Rickshaws
Top e-Rickshaws

Queen e-Rickshaw

Queen E Rickshaw is highly used for transportation vehicle to carry passengers to their destinations. It has a Motor power 900w/48v (1000w, 1200w For Option) with a max speed of 25-30 Km/H Shocker. It takes 4-6 hours of charging time and has a carrying capacity of 4-6 Passengers.

Specifications of Queen e-Rickshaw

  • Motor power 900w/48v (1000w, 1200w For Option)
  • max speed of 25-30 Km/H
  • charging time-4-6 hours
  • Seating capacity- 4-6 Passengers.
  • It costs- 1.16 lakhs
Top e-Rickshaws
Top e-Rickshaws

E Simha Harmatech e-Rickshaw Nellore

E Simha Harmatech Electric Rickshaw company established in 2018 by the sole proprietorship manufacturer, It has waterproof cloth fibre with the motor power 850 W, 1000 W, 1250 W, battery charges in 7-8 hours.

Specifications of e-Simha Harmatech

  • Motor power-850 W, 1000 W, 1250 W
  • battery charging 7-8 hours
  • Maximum Load- 500kg
  • Battery Capacity-80 AH
  • Range – 60 to 80km
  • Seating capacity-4
  • Motor Maximum Power-900e
  • It costs  90,000
Top e-Rickshaws
Top e-Rickshaws


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