June 13, 2024

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Will you give a second chance to your EV batteries?

EV batteries

Electric Vehicles batteries are the most important and expensive element. It costs one-third of the electric vehicle’s price due to the lack of availability of the required elements. When it is so expensive why can’t we give them a second chance? 

Will you give a second chance to your EV batteries?

The life of the battery can be expected for 8 to 10 years however depends on the battery capacity. The batteries usually get faded as the capacity and power fails to meet the range requirement of EVs.

According to recent research by IDTechEx’s, there will be over 6 million battery packs retiring from electric cars, buses, vans and trucks by 2030. The retired batteries still have 70-80% of their initial capacity. Before we recycle those retired batteries, give a second chance to your batteries. The stationary energy storage systems values to a wide range of stakeholders across the automotive and energy sectors.

EV batteries

The capacity of a retired battery will be 275GWh per year by 2030. It will be a great opportunity for energy storage. However giving a second life to the batteries depends on how the batteries were designed and used in their first hand, in their first life in EVs and most importantly how they are collected and used in the second life applications.

Almost 20 industrial leaders and experts in the second life batteries analyzed and forecasted on the available capacity of second-life batteries from major electric vehicle categories, passenger cars, buses, vans and trucks (pure electric vehicles and plug-in electric vehicles).

There is a huge opportunity in the next ten years to increase the number of retired batteries which leads to huge energy storage. However, there are many technical, economic and regulatory challenges and hindrances to make a profit from the second-life batteries.

Did you ever think what will happen, when your battery gets to retire? Volkswagen is going to manufacture millions of EVs by 2025. It planned not only to build EVs but also planned what to do with the used batteries. It has launched a “power bank for the e-car” which is a rapid charger which consists of up to 360kWh second-life EV batteries that can charge up to 4 EVs at a time.


According to Volkswagen, the second-life battery-powered mobile charging stations help in providing a flexible and cost-efficient approach that provides sufficient charging facilities.

Key players in the EVs battery market are

According to the Ketchum Keystone study, The key players in the EVs battery market are

  • Panasonic
  • PEVE
  • AESC
  • LG Chem
  • BYD
  • LEJ
  • GuoXuan High-Tech
  • Samsung SDI
  • Hitachi
  • Pride Power
  • Lishen Battery
  • A123 Systems
  • CATL
  • OptimumNano
  • BatScap
  • Exicom
  • Amaron
  • Greenfuel Energy Solutions
  • Trontek
  • Coslight India
  • ISRO
  • Amar Raja batteries ltd
  • HBL power solutions
  • EON electric ltd
  • EXIDE Industries

According to an ATZ report, 2018, the 33kWh Li-ion traction battery of the BMW i3 electric vehicle contains 2kg (4.4 lb) cobalt, 6kg (13 lb) lithium, 12kg (26 lb) manganese, 12kg (26 lb) nickel and 35kg (77 lb) graphite.

During the recycling process, we may not obtain every mineral but some of it can be regained that can be used in some less demanding purposes. Lithium is also used as a lubricant.

We can take initiatives to make use of used batteries as Volkswagen has done so that there will be enough charging infrastructure and also the batteries can be used even they retired. 

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