April 13, 2024

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12 all-electric cars, 25 Plug-In’s by BMW Group by 2025


BMW is planning its expansion of portfolio by bringing in a lot of electric cars. It is planning to launch 25 Plug-In hybrids and 12 All-Electric cars by 2025.

12 all-electric cars, 25 Plug-In’s by BMW Group by 2025

The German carmaker wants to bring plug-in hybrid cars of its existing models in several years. The company BMW’s ‘i’ brand is been very successful from the launched of its i3 all-electric car to the i8 plug-in hybrid.

The sales of electric vehicles for BMW during 2017 raised from 65.6 percent to 103,080 units, this is huge!

Looking at the development the company had decided and announced that it will spend more on research and development in 2018.

BMW spent 6 billion euros, sold 4 lakh electric cars

In 2017, it spent 6 billion euros and in 2018 it increased to 7 billion. The company’s target to sell 1,40,000 EVs worldwide is achieved and already sold 4 lakh electric cars all over the world.

The company aims to sell 5 lakh units in 2019 

Talking about the current year, 2019 it aims to sell 5 lakh units. The electric vehicles sales will include some new model such as all-electric BMW iX3, the new i4, and MINI.


For production of MINI, it will join Plant Oxford 

The electric vehicles had been manufactured in the company’s ten production facilities. For the production of its fully-electric MINI, it will also join its Plant Oxford in the list in 2019.

BMW i4 electric car

It will bring BMW i4 electric car which is one of the 25 electrified models that the company will bring in the market by 2025.

Out of 25, half of the models will be fully electric that will be powered by the fifth generation of battery and drivetrain technology from 2021.

BMW electric vehicles will be up to 700 km

The range for the BMW electric vehicles will be up to 700 kilometers and plug-in hybrids will get a range up to 100 kilometers.

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