April 12, 2024

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BrightBlu EV charging solutions brand launched in India

BrightBlu EV charging

EV Charging solutions company started its operations in India. The Asia electric, an EV charging solutions company and DrivAMP which is a smart charging technology provider merge will work under the new brand ‘BrightBlu.’

BrightBlu EV charging solutions brand launched in India

The company will be able to get the business synergies through vertical integration. The company offers the suite of hardware solutions, cloud services and support for electric vehicle drivers as well as the owners of charging stations.

BrightBlu EV charging

According to the BrightBlu press release, regarding the merger and the launch of the new entity, Wybren Van Der Vaart, Co-Founder & CEO, BrightBlu said,

BrightBlu EV charging

“We are very happy to announce the merger of Asia Electric and DrivAMP. This new partnership, in the fast-moving electric mobility market in India, will enable us to optimize our product and service offerings. BrightBlu will offer customers better, faster and ultimately more cost-effective solutions for their charging needs which are designed and developed in India.”

About BrightBlu, Asia Electric & DrivAMP

BrightBlu provides the electric vehicles charging solutions making it easily affordable and accessible.

Asia Electric founded in 2014, provides charging solutions to electric vehicles and also working with many Indian OEMs and grid operators to supply charging solutions for the Indian market. It was also a part of a public-private partnership with the Dutch government to provide the technology and knowledge in electric mobility.

DrivAMP developed the in-house technologies for smart charging of electric vehicles. It supplies the technology to the hardware manufacturers and charge point operators in India.

As electric vehicles charging stations or infrastructure is much needed to charge up the EVs, as India lacks in charging infrastructure if it is provided sufficient enough, then we can see the tremendous growth of EVs. We expect more such companies to take initiatives to bring down the emission levels in the country.

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