April 11, 2024

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Know How To Give More Life To Your Electric Car Battery

Electric Car Battery

Whenever you think about an electric car, immediately your mind hits the words charging and battery. Yes, Its the most essential part of an electric vehicle. Let us talk about the Electric Car Battery.

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Electric Car Battery

Earlier we were in need to think about the battery and its usage span. But now modern electric vehicles come with the batteries with a longer life. When the battery is charged and discharged over time it gets an effect from the battery degradation. So, proper care must be taken for the batteries.

Here Are Some Of The Tips That Helps You To Give More Life To Electric Car Battery

Don’t Charge Batteries In Hot Weather

Try to avoid the charge of your batteries in hot weather conditions or also when your batteries are too hot. Particularly when you drive your electric vehicle for a long run, you can always wait for your battery to cool down. Don’t immediately try to charge it. If possible try to charge your vehicle at the coolest time of the day.

Electric Car Battery

Some charging options will also have timers so that it can stop the charging process make use of it.
If you have a garage or shaded place for parking park in that place only this has to be followed mainly for the cars who don’t have active thermal management. The modern batteries come with more heat resistant and more advanced options but still taking care of them will give extra life to your EVs.

Don’t Overcharge And Avoid Storing The Car Fully Charged For Long Period Of Time

Do not overcharge your EV and try not to store the full charging in the car for a longer period of time as it may damage your batteries. We all tend to charge for 100%, even if it is charged 95% we look for an extra 5% in wanting to drive 5% mile more. Lithium-ion batteries charges at most high levels. This may affect the loose of battery capacity. So charge you EV only when you need to go to some extra miles.

Electric Car Battery
Electric Car Battery

Speedy Charging Effects

The speeds charging system may effects as it breakdowns the crystals and films that make the life of the battery shorter. Forcing the current to pass speedily resulting in getting the batteries hotter when the battery gets hot the degradation happens speedily. So keep your car cool always and use only rapid chargers when you really need it.

Never Leave Your EV Battery Empty

Never wait for the battery to get down to empty especially when it is a lithium-ion battery. When these batteries discharged anode will discharge into the electrolyte and when you try to recharge your battery it gets short circuits and reduce the battery capacity.

Electric Car Battery
Electric Car Battery

Don’t Force your Car To Its Limit

Unfortunately, the batteries do have internal resistance, but the healthy batteries will have less but still its there. Forcing the current from the battery means heating the battery and produces more current and heat when the battery heats up resulting the early battery damage or death.

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