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A very promising Emflux One is on the way to enter the EV world

Emflux One is on the way to enter the EV world

India’s First  Electric Superbike from Emflux

Emflux Motors grabbed everyone’s attention at the 2018 Auto Expo. The Bangalore based EV start-up made an announcement that they are making India’s first electric superbike, the Emflux One and it will be in the market in 2019. The concept of the superbike is really very impressive regarding its design and specifications. Hence, A very promising Emflux One is on the way to enter the EV world.

Emflux One is on the way to enter the EV world by the end of 2020

The most important question is when is the Emflux One going to be launched. The company says that they are progressing well regarding all the technologies developed in-house.

Unfortunately, due to a lack of proper investment, things are going a bit slow for us. The launch of the Emflux One should be by the end of 2020 and will be in stages. Anyway, Emflux One will be available for limited numbers to create a brand image in the market.

There is another mid-performance motorcycle, the Emflux Model Two, which is being designed for a higher volume of sales. The latter may take some more time and can be expected by 2021.

The Key Specifications of Emflux One

All things including, 200kmph, 200km range and 0-100kmph in 3s are unimaginable specs in the Indian EV space, till the date. Not just this, the 71hp/84Nm from a liquid-cooled induction motor besides a 169kg kerb weight is sufficient to make all of us curious about it. The sticker price, however, remained somewhat steep and at Rs 6 lakh for an EV in 2018.

Other Prominent Features of Emflux One

Emflux One will come with an aesthetic design in terms of surface flow and maturity. The other features of the superbike include 9.7 KWh battery, the fast-charging capacity to charge the bike to 80% in 36 minutes.

The standard 16amp home charger allows you to charge the bike at home within 3hrs 30 min. The jet engine-like sound from Emflux motor is already appreciated by the people who took test drives of the scooter.

Emflux is also progressing in the direction of the newer technologies which will be far superior to the present IC engines in the industry, which in turn amplify the user experience.

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