March 04, 2021

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Why a switch over to an Electric vehicle is needed?

Why a switch over to an Electric vehicle is needed?

Why a switch over to an Electric vehicle is needed?

A switch over to an Electric vehicle is needed at this time for us, let’s know why it is needed. The reasons are:

1.The Price of Petrol and Diesel

2.Pollution control

3.Overall service cost

Switch over to electric

Why a switch over to an Electric vehicle is needed?

Let’s look at the first and biggest Reason

  1. The price of petrol and Diesel:

The price of crude oil import is being stable but why does the rate of petrol and diesel is not being constant? the problem behind this is the hefty taxes that is laid on these fuels. The taxes on these have been consistently raising. The reason behind this is the current COVID situation. The government is running by the taxes paid by the citizens. So, to stabilize the economic crisis because of the COVID the taxes are getting raised. But the Government is failing to understand that the pockets of their citizens are also empty due to this crisis. Many lost their jobs. So, the only solution to this issue is switching over to conventional energy i.e., Electric vehicles.

Price of petrol and diesel

  1. Pollution Control:

To understand this let’s take a look into the Indian-Auto industry:

    • Two Wheelers– 79% of the total number of vehicles
    • Three-wheelers (passenger and goods), including tempos: 4% of the total number of vehicles.
  • Buses and large goods vehicles like trucks: 3% of the total number of vehicles.
  • Economy four-wheelers (cars costing less than ₹1 million): 12% of the total number of vehicles.
  • Premium four-wheelers (cars costing higher than ₹1 million): 2% of the total number of vehicles.

The total number of registered vehicles as of 31st March 2017 was 253 million. Diesel vehicles are responsible for 66 percent of Air Pollution.

  1. Overall Service cost:

The overall service cost of an electric vehicle is very low when compared to an ICE vehicle. There is no requirement of frequent changing of engine oil etc…

In view of all of these reasons, a switch over to electric vehicles is needed now in India.

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