January 14, 2022

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Nitin Gadkari launched ‘Go Electric Media’ Campaign 

Go Electric Media Campaign

Nitin Gadkari launched ‘Go Electric’ Media Campaign 

The Minister for Road Transport & Highways Nitin Gadkari has launched just now ‘Go Electric’ Media Campaign today. The campaign has been launched in India to bring awareness about the greener revolution, reduce fossil fuels import and reduce pollution levels in the country. India is witnessing climate change every day and it is hugely affecting the environment.  To address these issues the Minister has launched a ‘Go Electric’ Campaign. This Campaign will be targeted for 9-12 months. 

Nitin Gadkari congratulated the initiative and said that fossil fuels are impacting the environment and we need to find alternatives to that. Electric is the alternative to reduce pollution and the transport sector also contributes to CO2 emissions. 

He also said that after 15 days he is going to launch an electric tractor and also spoke about the broad gauge metro. He also emphasised the solar and hydrogen alternatives for fossil fuels.

He said that the scraping policy in India will help to obtain many minerals and materials. He said there is a huge opportunity for recycling batteries in India. India is having 81% of lithium available, the other industries such as computer hardware, etc will also be used to get materials such as NDFE magnet, etc. 

The NITI Aayog CEO, Amitabh Kant has also shared, he complimented about the campaign and said this is the need of the hour and he said in 2-3 years the cost of EVs will come down in India. 

He said India is a leader in the automotive industry and 2.5 Cr vehicles are manufactured annually and 80% of it is contributed by two-wheelers themselves. If there will be 100% electric two-wheelers and three-wheelers in 2 years there will be a huge demand for electric vehicles. 

He said that 2 crore cycles are annually manufactured in India and there is a huge potential for electric rickshaws and autos, there are 20 lakh e-rickshaws in India. 

He said the price of solar has been fallen radically to 199 rupees per kW, 2.7 dollars. Here is another opportunity for greener growth. The battery price is also falling and there are many companies such as QuantumScape, log9, FinEnergy, etc are working to find out new battery chemistries. He said, there will be a huge job opportunity in the recycling industry. 

Objectives of the campaign

  • Reduction of fossil-based fuels
  • Solar, hydrogen and wind
  • 30% of the transport sector electrified
  • Domestic sector clean electric cooking
  • Grid-based electricity for transport and domestic sectors 

Campaign components

  • Digital media
  • Social media
  • 1,000 roadshows
  • One-to-one discussion, technical talks


  • Initiatives- incentives, EV policies


  • Central level -MoP, MorRTH,
  • State-level-Discoms, SNA, SDA, EV, EVSE dealers, corporates,
  • Manufactures


  • Domestic sector-induction stove- 13% cheaper than LPG
  • Transport sector-clean, comfortable, noiseless, lower operating cost, EV policies support

The Minister has shared some positive thoughts about the availability of lithium and there are many such alternatives that are going to be found for greener solutions so we can clearly see our future is cleaner and electric. 

Switch Delhi-CM appeals youngsters to ‘buy an EV as your first vehicle’

Recently, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has launched a ‘Switch Delhi’ campaign to promote the adoption of electric vehicles. He appeals to the youngsters to ‘buy an EV as your first vehicle.’He targets 25% of vehicles purchased in Delhi to be electrified by 2024.

He says we are starting a movement a campaign to bring awareness among the people of Delhi. The ‘Switch Delhi’ campaign means switching from your polluting vehicles to electric vehicles. He encouraged and appealed to everyone to take part in this campaign.

Switch Delhi-CM appeals youngsters to ‘buy an EV as your first vehicle’

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