March 04, 2021

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The improvements needed in EV market

The Improvements needed in EV market

The improvements needed in the Indian EV market to improve customer acceptability?

India accounts for around 17% of the world’s population and about 7% of the world’s pollution. Now in this 7%, the emissions caused by the automobile industry alone is around 3.5% sound’s interesting right!

In view of this, the government has announced many incentives and subsidies for the industries as well as for the peoples switching over to green energy i.e., Electric vehicles. But still, most people are not ready to accept it. In this article let’s look into the reasons and improvements needed in the Indian EV market to improve people’s acceptance of an EV.improvements needed in EV market

The following reasons are the key points which are resisting the buyers to get an EV:

  1. High cost even for low range vehicles
  2. Poor after-sales support
  3. Lack of charging infrastructure and spare parts

Let’s get into each point to get a clear understanding, though there are many other reasons these are the main reasons.

  1. High cost:

You can’t get an E-bike below 50k for your basic needs. Getting a bike for 50k is still a dream for many families in India. If the scenario is like this then what are the reasons behind this? The main reason behind this is the batteries. Currently, all the manufacturers in the industry are just importing the cells required from china. China being the main supplier of cells the cost of the batteries will not come down. By setting up a battery cells manufacturing unit in India we can reduce the costs but in that also we do not have lithium mines in India we have to again rely on other countries for raw materials. By researching and finding different battery chemistries that are suitable for the Indian environment we could reduce the cost of the vehicles.

  1. Poor after-sales support:

The after-sales support of all the manufacturers in India is very pathetic. They do not respond to the customers properly, which is a major drawback for the industry.

  1. Lack of charging infrastructure and spare parts:

In order to achieve long-distance travel in an EV, charging infrastructure at a frequent distance should be built, which India lacks. Many of the dealers do not keep a stock of spare parts since most of them are imported.

improvements needed in EV market


These are major improvements needed in the EV sector in order to achieve customer acceptability. Let’s hope for the changes in future.

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