April 09, 2021

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Tri-layer graphene can be used to create energy storage device for EVs

Tri-layer graphene for EVs

Tri-layer graphene can be used to create energy storage device for EVs

Graphene is a one-atom (thick layer of carbon atoms) which is 200 times stronger than steel. Scientists have been relying on this material for many years to create a sustainable energy storage device. In 2018 they have discovered that by creating a sandwich of two graphene layers and twisting it at an angle of 1.1 degrees, it shows superconductive properties, which can store more energy onto it. Tri-layer graphene for EVs.

Tri-layer graphene for EVs

Now, a group of researchers at MIT have found that Tri-layer Graphene structures are more sensitive than bi-layer structures to an electric field which allows them to tune the level of superconductivity by adjusting the strength of the electric field.

Tri-layer graphene for EVs

The researchers trying to figure out whether multilayer twisted graphene structures could show many more superconductive properties with high temperature or even at room temperature. If it shows more superconductive properties at room temperature then it could be a more efficient energy storage device.

Scientists tell that producing these tri-layered twisted graphene structures at an industrial level will lead to the making of superconducting bits for quantum computation, photodetectors.

But for now, they are on the way to find a method to produce this tri-layer graphene on an industrial scale. So that it could be used to create an energy storage device for electric vehicles which could improve the life and performance it.

We can expect this technology to be the future of energy storage if this succeeds the cost of the production could come down enabling access to electric vehicles to everybody. But, still, the use of graphene technology in the electric vehicle segment has not yet started it’s still under research. Most of the people’s thinking goes to the replacement cost of batteries before buying an EV. If the battery technology is improved then we could see a big boon in the electric vehicle’s sales.

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