August 05, 2021

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Autonomous Zbee delivery project

Autonomous Zbee delivery project

The increase in urban deliveries requires the usage of Internal combustion vehicles in most parts of the world. With this increasing requirement for urban delivery, there is an estimation that this growth rate will increase up to an additional 80% by 2030. As per the World Economic Forum prediction, this can create some serious challenges for future transportation. To solve these challenges, clean motion is planning for an Autonomous Zbee delivery project.

About Autonomous project

The door delivery program requires operational staff which makes it less profitable with few incentives to switch vehicle types to more sustainable alternatives. By using customizable Autonomous Delivery solutions, delivery companies can achieve profits. This profit is due to better service results, lower cost and fewer emissions.

The present Zbee vehicle technology is compatible to develop an Autonomous variant and suitable for deliveries. Clean motion’s strategy is to utilize the potential of Zbee while adapting it for different customers and automation systems. To achieve this goal, Clean motion has the focus on energy efficiency, low cost and multifunctional design.


Clean motion we will be working with Aptiv, Combitech, Halmstad University and RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden). This partnership project received funding within the framework of the Swedish Transport Administration’s R&D portfolio Strategic Initiative. This initiative is for Goods delivery under the Last-mile with Autonomous Driving vehicles and in simple terms, it is known as the GLAD project.


The GLAD project will focus on Autonomous delivery from technology and human-machine interaction. Also, the focus will be on business models and potential application areas as well as how these are compatible with the surroundings. June 3, 2020, is the start of this project and it will continue for two years. If this autonomous program is successful, then it may be a part of most of the e-commerce and logistics.

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