December 10, 2023

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Omega Seiki partners Charzer to deploy 30k cargo vehicles, 20k EV charging stations in India

Omega Seiki partners Charzer

Omega Seiki partners Charzer to deploy 30k cargo vehicles, 20k EV charging stations in India

An EV charging infrastructure startup Charzer based out of Bengaluru has joined hands with Omega Seiki Mobility to install 20,000 EV charging stations all over India in the next 2 years. As per the partnership, the Charzer will deploy the charging stations and the Omega Seiki clients will operate them. They can use these charging facilities in a subscription-based model. Read further to know more about Omega Seiki partners Charzer. 

The installation of the EV charging stations will help the drivers to get more range options resulting in a 40-50% of increase in income. Charzer is also working with Greendrive logistics that operates the Omega Seiki 100 vehicles in Bengaluru and will also help Omega Seiki to deploy 30,000 cargo vehicles across India, it claims.

Omega Seiki partners Charzer

Dheeraj Reddy, COO and Co-Founder, Charzer, said “For any logistics company, finding and managing ‘Park and Charge’ EV hubs is capital intensive and requires extensive use of labour and workforce. Setting up these EV charging hubs is a major deviation from the core business of a logistics company,”

“Besides this, drivers and companies lose a lot of valuable time in travelling to and from to the hubs. This is where we come in. With Charzer, fleet owners can save up to 46% of their expenses and scale their fleet 10 times faster. Drivers can save up to 55 hours of redundant travel per month and earn 40% more income due to increased fleet uptime.”

Uday Narang, Founder and Chairman, Omega Seiki Mobility said “At Omega Seiki Mobility, we are dedicated to creating an ecosystem that reduces carbon footprint by shifting to sustainable last-mile logistics. We have a target of introducing 30,000+ EV cargo three wheels in the next two years. In order to achieve this goal, we are also working towards building a robust charging infrastructure that allows our fleet drivers to easily access charging stations at any given point during the day.

“As a first step towards this, we have partnered with Charzer to build an extensive network of charging stations across the country. We are looking forward to working with the team for setting up the required infrastructure and remove any hurdles in the way of faster adoption of EVs’.”

Omega Seiki Mobility partners Forsee Power for smart EV battery solutions

Omega Seiki Mobility has also partnered with EV battery systems provider Forsee Power to avail lithium-ion batteries technology for its entire range of commercial vehicles.

Omega Seiki Mobility commercial electric vehicles equipped with Forsee Power GO 10 Li-Ion battery system provides a range of 120 km when fully loaded, it uses a 48V, 10 kWh battery. Omega Seiki Mobility offers its own electric three-wheelers RAGE+ brand. The Forsee Power has a complete range of batteries for the electro-mobility market and meets the needs of all its light and heavy vehicles whether on road, rail, or water.

Valeo & Omega Seiki Mobility signed MoU for electric powertrains

Valeo, a French automotive supplier and global leader in electrification systems and Omega Seiki Mobility (OSM) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to provide electric powertrains for OSM Vehicle Range. Through the partnership, Valeo will provide electric powertrains. 

The Valeo will provide its 48V electric powertrain system which includes a reducer, integrated motor and inverter with the Powertrain control unit for Omega Seiki Mobility cargo three-wheeler Rage+ and Rage+ Frost. Valeo’s engineers will provide technology integration support to help Omega Seiki Mobility. The companies will also collaborate for the upcoming vehicle models to be manufactured by the company in India, Valeo said in a release.

First electric scooters Zoro and Fiare

Omega Seiki Mobility Pvt Ltd (OSM) has unveiled its first electric scooters Zoro and Fiare. Bookings will begin by this month-end and deliveries will be done in the festive season. Both the electric scooters will be available in the seven colour schemes. The company also launched its first flagship showroom in Pune. 

First electric four-wheeler light commercial vehicle (LCV)

Omega Seiki Mobility Pvt. Ltd., a commercial electric vehicles manufacturer has unveiled its first electric four-wheeler light commercial vehicle (LCV) the M1KA. It is designed for the intracity commutes and small-scale businesses such as e-Commerce, electronic proprietor, and dairy businesses among others. The bookings of the M1KA will commence from The last quarter of 2021 and the deliveries will take place by next year. It will be priced around Rs 15 lakhs providing a running cost of Rs 1 per km. 

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