November 28, 2022

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Omega Seiki Mobility unveiled its first electric scooters Zoro and Fiare

Omega Seiki unveiled electric scooters

Omega Seiki Mobility unveiled its first electric scooters Zoro and Fiare

Omega Seiki Mobility Pvt Ltd (OSM) has unveiled its first electric scooters Zoro and Fiare. Bookings will begin by this month-end and deliveries will be done in the festive season. Both the electric scooters will be available in the seven colour schemes. The company also launched its first flagship showroom in Pune. Read further about Omega Seiki unveiled electric scooters. 

Omega Seiki unveiled electric scooters

The Omega Seiki Mobility Pvt Ltd electric vehicles Zoro and Flare claims that it has a top speed of 45 km/h and a range of over 85 km in a single charge.

Uday Narang, founder, Omega Seiki Mobility said, “We are excited about bringing our electric 2 wheelers to further accelerate the development of sustainable solutions. Climate change is a serious challenge and Omega Seiki Mobility is committed to providing solutions and the company is doing its bit in moving the world to sustainable mobility through our products.”

He added, “We are creating special applications and features in our electric scooters for the B2B sector. We are actively exploring partnerships with key players especially in the food delivery, pharmaceutical sector and other sectors.”

Omega Seiki Mobility partners Forsee Power for smart EV battery solutions

Recently, the Omega Seiki Mobility has partnered with EV battery systems provider Forsee Power to avail lithium-ion batteries technology for its entire range of commercial vehicles.

Omega Seiki unveiled electric scooters

Omega Seiki Mobility commercial electric vehicles equipped with Forsee Power GO 10 Li-Ion battery system provides a range of 120 km when fully loaded, it uses a 48V, 10 kWh battery. Omega Seiki Mobility offers its own electric three-wheelers RAGE+ brand. The Forsee Power has a complete range of batteries for the electro-mobility market and meets the needs of all its light and heavy vehicles whether on road, rail, or water.

Valeo & Omega Seiki Mobility signed MoU for electric powertrains

Valeo, a French automotive supplier and global leader in electrification systems and Omega Seiki Mobility (OSM) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to provide electric powertrains for OSM Vehicle Range. Through the partnership, Valeo will provide electric powertrains.

The Valeo will provide its 48V electric powertrain system which includes a reducer, integrated motor and inverter with the Powertrain control unit for Omega Seiki Mobility cargo three-wheeler Rage+ and Rage+ Frost. Valeo’s engineers will provide technology integration support to help Omega Seiki Mobility. The companies will also collaborate for the upcoming vehicle models to be manufactured by the company in India, Valeo said in a release.

Omega Seiki Mobility currently has 15 showrooms PAN India and we are planning to expand to 115 showrooms by end of 2021.

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