December 11, 2023

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Omega Seiki Mobility unveils M1KA light electric commercial vehicle

Omega Seiki Mobility M1KA

Omega Seiki Mobility unveils M1KA light electric commercial vehicle

Omega Seiki Mobility Pvt. Ltd., a commercial electric vehicles manufacturer has unveiled its first electric four-wheeler light commercial vehicle (LCV) the M1KA. It is designed for the intracity commutes and small-scale businesses such as e-Commerce, electronic proprietor, and dairy businesses among others. The bookings of the M1KA will commence from The last quarter of 2021 and the deliveries will take place by next year. It will be priced around Rs 15 lakhs providing a running cost of Rs 1 per km. Read further to know more about Omega Seiki Mobility M1KA light commercial electric vehicle.

Omega Seiki Mobility M1KA

Omega Seiki Mobility M1KA

The Omega M1KA comes with an electric motor which is powered with an NMC based battery pack with a capacity of 90kWh. It claims a maximum range of 250 km on a single charge. With a DC fast charging station, it can be charged within four hours. It has a loading capacity of two tonnes and is supported by 6 leaf springs suspension in the front and 7 in the rear. It has a superior tensile strength chassis and OSM M1KA will come with a 5-speed manual gearbox. The vehicle comes with a large 10 feet loading area which is highly suitable for heavy and voluminous loads.

Omega Seiki Mobility unveiled its first electric scooters Zoro and Fiare

Last month, the Omega Seiki Mobility Pvt Ltd (OSM) has unveiled its first electric scooters Zoro and Fiare. The deliveries will be done in the festive season. Both the electric scooters will be available in the seven colour schemes. The company also launched its first flagship showroom in Pune. The electric vehicle Zoro and Flare has a top speed of 45 km/h and a range of over 85 km in a single charge.

The company is very active and was in news in July as it had partnered with EV battery systems provider Forsee Power to avail lithium-ion batteries technology for its entire range of commercial vehicles.

Omega Seiki Mobility commercial electric vehicles are equipped with Forsee Power GO 10 Li-Ion battery system that provides a range of 120 km when fully loaded, it uses a 48V, 10 kWh battery. The company offers its own electric three-wheelers RAGE+ brand. The Forsee Power has a complete range of batteries for the electro-mobility market and meets the needs of all its light and heavy vehicles whether on road, rail, or water.

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