February 06, 2023

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Mercedes Benz Citaro hybrid electric bus 

Mercedes Benz Citaro hybrid

Mercedes Benz Citaro hybrid electric bus

Daimler world’s largest commercial vehicle manufacturer has a thousandfold proven platform which is offering the world’s best-selling city bus with new technological solutions. 

Daimler’s Citaro hybrid electric bus takes a new level by using electric mobility. It is built to meet the demands of urban areas with a reduction in consumption. The diesel or gas engine is supported by an additional hybrid module with highly efficient and powerful.

Mercedes Benz Citaro hybrid

Mercedes Benz Citaro hybrid

The hybrid bus is having a 14 kW electric engine that generates energy while braking. It reduces the cost of fuel by 8.5 per cent depending on the usage of the vehicle.


While we look for its appearance and features, its design is built as space-saving and is low weight. The hybrid technology is available for a wide range of Citaro city buses with diesel and gas engines. It comes with a mild hybrid storages/supercapacitors, cooling system, light running axle, intelligent eco steering.

It has gone through with all the safety features with some additional fire tests. The Mercedes Benz hybrid models can be seen as Citaro NGT hybrid, Citaro LE hybrid and Citaro G hybrid. The hybrid buses having a length dimension of 12.14m/18.13m, 12.7 m/13.2 m and 18.3 m.

It is lightweight with 156 kg hybrid components and LED headlamps 48 V low-voltage technology. The Mercedes Benz was the first bus manufacturer worldwide to use the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and the Electronic Stability Program (ESP).

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The interiors are spacious, comfortable seats ergonomically optimised support bars and comfortable standing height. An air conditioning system, integrated roof heating and sidewall heaters.

How does Citaro hybrid work?

The disc-shaped and very robust electric engine is integrated between the internal combustion engine and the automatic transmission. It works as a generator when slowing down the bus and converts the energy into electricity-when braking and removing the gas. The generated energy is stored as electrical energy.

It takes less power during start as the electric engine assists the diesel or gas unit with its torque resulting in a reduction in fuel consumption and reduced emissions.

Mercedes Benz eCitaro all-electric city bus that emits zero local emissions and runs almost silently. Its features include battery module roof, battery cooling system, front axle 8 tonnes, high-temperature cooling system, portal axle with wheel hub drive, battery module rear.


It has a 2 x 125 kW drive and it comes with a modularly designed 396 kWh lithium-ion batteries. In the case of the solo bus, two, four or six battery modules are used on the roof and are supplemented throughout by four battery modules in the rear. Its motor’s peak power is at 2 x 125 kW, its torque 2 x 485 Nm, and at the wheels even 11,000 Nm. Its 441 kWh battery capacity variant provides a range of around 320 kilometres. 

Mercedes Benz Citaro hybrid

Each module has 15 cell modules and a control unit. The individual cell modules each accommodate twelve battery cells, and the total capacity of the batteries amounts to 243 kWh. The variant with NMC batteries can be charged by plug, pantograph or charging rails. The eCitaro has a maximum of 146 passenger seats.

Optional extras include Sideguard Assist with person recognition and Preventive Brake Assist, the first active braking assistant for city buses.

Blue Angel environmental seal by German Govt 

The Mercedes-Benz eCitaro is the first fully electric city bus allowed to bear the “Blue Angel” environmental seal. This has been the German Federal Government’s environmental seal for more than 40 years and is bestowed by independent institutions.

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