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List of Upcoming Electric Motorbikes in India 2019

India is the most popular and largest market for two-wheelers, around 20 million two-wheelers sale was recorded from 2010/11 to 2017/18. But there is no single electric motorbike launched in India. Here is the List of Upcoming Electric Motorcycles in India 2019. 

List of Upcoming Electric Motorbikes in India 2019

Menza Lucat

Menza Lucat is a factory-customized Motorcycle, which means it can be built as per the rider’s requirement and his riding style.

This electric bike is designed and manufactured by a start-up company in India named Menza Motors Pvt. Ltd. The company is situated at Ahmadabad and Gujarat. 84 % of this electric bike parts designed and manufactured locally. 

List of Upcoming Electric Motorbikes in India 2019

Some of its features are

  • Tubeless Tyres
  • Water & Dust Protection
  • Regenerative Braking System


  • Top Speed-80kmph
  • Range on a Single Charge-150 km
  • Charge time of this electric bike is 4 hours
  • Battery Pack-72V Li-ion
  • 13kW  High Torque BLDC motor

launch and Price 

We can expect the launch date of this bike by the end of 2019. 

The bike is priced at Rs 2,79,999 (ex-showroom).


Orxa Energies is another startup company started in the year 2015. Prajwal Sabnis and Ranjita Ravi are the founders of Oraxa Energies. 
Orxa’s first vehicle is the Mantis Trike designed as an early-performance street bike.
The electric bike offers three wheels for stability, safety, and comfort.
Their other vehicle is Mantis Bike which comes with unique Swappable battery technology, lightweight batteries. 
List of Upcoming Electric Motorbikes in India 2019

Some of its features are

  • High performance
  • Ultra Long Range
  • Portable Charging
  • Ride for a week without charging


  • Top speed of 120 kmph
  • Range of 200 km

Launch and Price 

We can expect the launch date of this bike by the end of 2019 or the first half of 2020
The company hasn’t revealed its bike price yet.

Tunwal TZ

Tunwal E-Bikes is entering into electric bike manufacturing. Tunwal E-bikes are famous for Electric scooter manufacturing in India.
Their electric scooters Storm Advance dual and Sport 63 are one of the best selling electric scooters in India
Recently, electric vehicle team managed to get some unseen pictures of Tunwal TZ electric bike. Currently, the electric bike is under ARAI approval.
The looks of this electric bike not only attracting tunwal e-bike lovers but also whole EV lovers.
List of Upcoming Electric Motorbikes in India 2019

Some of its specifications 

  • we can expect lithium-ion battery
  • Regenerative braking system
  • Range of 100 km

Launch and Price 

  • We can expect tunwal TZ launch by the end of 2019
  • The company hasn’t revealed its bike price yet.

Tork t6x

The Tork T6X is India’s first electric performance motorcycle. Built on 7 years of exhaustive Research and Development. It is a Pune based startup company Founded in 2009 by Kapil Shelke. 
Tork Motors unveiled India’s first electric motorcycle unveiled T6X in 2016. The T6X equipped with Tork’s latest technology, TIROS (Tork Intuitive Response Operating System).
This will allow the selection of riding modes that will alter the power delivery
For the last three years, their team did many improvements in the electric bike
to present the best electric bike to India.
List of Upcoming Electric Motorbikes in India 2019

Some of its specifications

  • 100 km Top speed
  • 100 km of range
  • 80% of charge in 1 hour
  • powered by a 6 kW electric motor


  • GPS navigation
  • Cloud Connect

Launch and Price 

  • Price of electric scooter it is expected as 1.25 lakh
  • The expected launch by the end of 2019.


ULTRAVIOLETTE F77 is by a Bangalore based electric two-wheeler start-up ULTRAVIOLETTE. Narayan and Niraj are the founders of ULTRAVIOLETTE Automotive.

It is the most high-performance electric motorcycle. TVS has backed the startup with funding of Rs. 6 crores in August 2018.

The electric motorcycle’s maximum output power is 25 KW. The electric bike battery pack got 7 international patents. 

Some of its specifications

  • Top speed of 150kmph
  • 0-60 KMPH in 3.0 sec
  • 25 KW Maximum output power


  • Ride analysiS
  • BMS module design

Launch and Price 

  • ULTRAVIOLETTE F77  electric motorcycle PRICE is 1.25 Lakh
  • The expected launch by the end of 2019.

Emflux ONE

Emflux Motors was founded in 2016 by a team of young technology Enthusiasts. Emflux launched its first electric superbike Emflux ONE in Auto Expo 2018.

The Emflux is equipped with some excellent features. It planned to produce only 199 units of its bike for the Indian market. They will export remain 300 units to the other countries.

Some of its features

  • Gps navigation
  • 7″ touch TFT Display
  • bike to bike connectivity

specifications of EmFlux one

  • Top Speed of 200 Km/h
  • 0-100 Km/h in 3 seconds
  • Range of 200 km

Launch and Price 

  • The standard version of the Emflux ONE is priced at 6 Lakh
  • With additional upgrades, the price will reach up to 11 Lakh
  • The expected launch by the end of 2019.


Surge is India’s first geared electric motorcycle introduced by eMotion Motors on June 5th, 2018. eMotion Motors is an Indian EV startup established in 2011. 
The electric bike is developed from over 7 years and during Research & Development traveled 35,000 km.  
eMotion Motors won the Nasscom Design4India award in October 2018.

Some of the electric bike features are

  • 7 LED Backlit Display
  • Easy Removable/Swappable battery
  • Solar auxiliary battery charging 
  • 40Ah lithium-ion battery 
  • Fast charging


  • Top Speed of 120 KM/H
  • 3 Speed Semi-Automatic Mechanical gear Box
  • 0 to 60 km/h in 4 Seconds
  • Range of 100 km, which can be extended up to 300 km with swappable batteries

Launch and Price 

  • Emotion motors team is expected to launch their electric bike in 2020
  • The price of surge electric bike with 100 km range is 1.5 lakh
  • price of surge electric bike with 300 km of range then you need to pay another 1.1 lakh to get two more batteries

Mankame Ep – 1

The Mankame Ep-1 is the First Electric Sport-bike that promises a range of in excess of 500 kilometers (310 Miles) per-charge. 
18.4 kWh high-density Battery-Pack is used in this electric bike. It uses a BMS system in the bike to monitor the battery safety

Some of its Specifications

  • 40KW high-performance
  • PMSM Motor 
  • Top speed- 230 km/hr
  • Weight -180 kg
  • Front and rear disk brakes
The electric bike manufacturing is delayed due to financial support, Mankame Ep – 1 announced a fundraiser to start their manufacturing.

Launch and Price 

  • We can expect the price and launch date after mankame Ep- 1 gets fundraiser.
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