May 17, 2024

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Tunwal TZ first E-bike spotted

Tunwal TZ E-bike

Tunwal TZ E-bike-Tunwal E-Vehicle India PVT. LTD. is the fastest and the most popularly growing Indian electric two-wheeler manufacturer company. Its first electric bike ‘Tunwal TZ’.

Tunwal TZ E-bike spotted

The company established in 2014 With a mission to transform all the IC engine bikes into a battery operated e-bikes and scooters. Its manufacturing unit is located in Gujarat.

The company offers the latest technology and cutting edge design to the Indian Customers.

Tunwal E-Vehicles (two-wheelers) includes 

The Tunwal E-Vehicles (two-wheelers)includes electric scooters such as Strom ZX, Sport 63 48V, Sport 63 60V, Lithino-Li, Elektrika 60, In addition to the list, the Tunwal E-Vehicle is making its first e-bike Tunwal TZ

Tunwal TZ E-bike (3)
Tunwal TZ E-bike (3)

The appearance of theTunwal TZ E-bike

If you talk about the appearance of the first E-bike from Tunwal it is looking like any normal (petrol) bike, this might have been developed the same way to make its users more comfortable as Indian bike users got habituated for the look of the petrol bike features.

If you look at the bike closely even the charging socket looks like a fuel tank and the rear side of the bike is similar to normal petrol bikes.

Tunwal TZ E-bike (4)
Tunwal TZ E-bike (4)

The normal designs of this EV can help the regular bike users to easily adapt to the e-bike.

Yes, of course! it is necessary, there is a Digital Dashboard through which we can know the information about the speed and charging indication. 

As of now, we don’t know the technical specifications of the e-bike but can expect the launch very soon. 

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