June 22, 2024

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EV gets green number plates in Bihar, 50% tax concession for EV

EV gets green number

EV gets green number plates in Bihar soon. The EVs registration numbers will be either in yellow or white depends on the class of the vehicle, is it commercial or private.

EV gets green number plates in Bihar, 50% tax concession for EV

To promote eco-friendly vehicles, the state transport department issued an order to change the background color EVs number plates.

Most polluted city Bihar’s capital, Patna

According to a survey, Greenpeace, which was published in January 2017, the most polluted cities in India was recorded as Bihar’s capital, Patna is one of the rankings at 12th position. The most polluted place after Bihar was its Muzaffarpur district which ranked 24th position.

Within June EVs number plates will be changed 

Within June the electric vehicles including electric auto-rickshaws and electric motorbikes number plates will be changed as ordered by the State transport department.

State transport department secretary, 

The secretary Sanjay Kumar Agrawal said, “All the district transport officers (DTOs) have been told to comply with the order in pursuance of the notified amendments to the Central Motor Vehicle rules 1989.”

15,000 electric vehicles in Bihar & 6,000 in Patna 

There are around 15,000 electric vehicles which include motorbike are on the roads of Bihar and 6,000 are in Patna. With these, the department is also looking to bring in EVs removing the fuel based auto rickshaws in several years.

In the next couple of months, the diesel and petrol auto rickshaws will be removed off from the roads of Bihar says, official.

EV gets green number plates to make pollution check process easy

The reason behind changing the number plates to make the routine process easy to check the pollution for vehicles.

“They do not cause noise or air pollution. Hence such vehicles need not pass through pollution checks,” he added

Government getting support from EVs  auto dealers

The government’s aim to reduce the pollution levels from the country is getting great support from the battery-operated vehicles and compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles auto dealers in the city.

“Many noted companies dealing in battery-operated two-wheelers have shown a keen interest in launching their vehicles in Patna,” he said.

50% tax concession to electric vehicles

The district transport officer, Ajay Kumar Thakur said that the government is giving 50% tax concession to electric vehicles.

E-rickshaws will get around Rs 5,000 per annum, against Rs 10,000 for diesel or petrol based auto-rickshaws.

There are around 6,000 e rickshaws registered in Patna which runs in the city.

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