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Top 5 Electric Bikes Price and Mileage in India

Top 5 Electric Bikes in India

India is the huge market for two-wheelers and is most preferable for everyday city commuters. The electric bikes in the list are famous for their unique features which attract the consumer to choose for an EV. Let’s have a look at Top 5 Electric Bikes Price and mileage in India.

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Top 5 Electric Bikes Price and mileage in India.

1.Tork T6X

Tork T6X is the electric motorcycle from Tork Motors. It takes 1 hour to charge a bike and it has instant torque and mobile charging point facility to charge your mobile phone.
The maximum range of this electric bike is 66 km.

The expected price of the EV is Rs. 1,25,000.

Top 5 Electric Bikes in India

2. Menza Lucat

Menza Lucat from Menza Motors, a Gujarathi based start-up company released the Electric MotorCycle-Menza Lucat. The bike has 72V Li-ion battery Pack with smart BMS System. The vehicle charges in 90 minutes.

The bike price is at Rs 2,79,999 (ex-showroom).

Top 5 Electric Bikes in India

3. SURGE Motorcycle

SURGE Electric Motorcycle from Emotion Motors is an Indian based company started in 2011 pioneering the High-performance EVs in India. It has unique features such as Solar Charging facility for primary Battery, Expandable Battery, capacity swapping Battery Technology, etc. The charging time for this vehicle is 30 minutes by using fast charging. It gives the range of 100 km on a single charge and can also be extended up to 300Km with a swappable battery technology.

The expected price of Surge electric bike is 1.5 Lakh.

Top 5 Electric Bikes in India

4. Emflux

Emflux One is India’s first superbike which was launch in the Auto Expo 2018. Emflux Li-ion, Liquid Cooled Modular Battery Pack with Integrated High Power Samsung Cells with a capacity of 9.7 KWh. It takes 36 minutes to charge an EV. It can take you up to 200 km.

The price of the Emflux electric bike is 5.50 Lakh.

Top 5 Electric Bikes in India

MANKAME EP – 1 is a bullet electric superbike with a range of 500 km. with a single charge. The high-density battery pack up.

The Price of Mankame EP-1 is 9.2 Lakh.

Top 5 Electric Bikes in India
Top 5 Electric Bikes in India


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