July 13, 2020

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Rayvolt X One e-bike Controlled by facial movements & voice commands

Rayvolt X One e-bike

Rayvolt X One e-bike Controlled by facial movements & voice commands

The futuristic next level X one electric bicycle by a team at Rayvolt. This electric bicycle is build to the next level. They are launching new e-bikes under the brand eXXite to which X one is the first e-bike. The X One e-bike has an Android-based touchscreen to control it and it comes with a facial recognition feature just like our iPhone. Let us discuss in detail about Rayvolt X One e-bike.

The X One e-bike is made by a Spanish startup, Rayvolt. It is a sleek urban bike with intelligent features and classy looks. Coming to the technical specifications and features of the e-bike.

Rayvolt X One e-bike

Rayvolt X One e-bike

X One Features 

It comes in three trims Smart, Smart+ and Power. It has some interesting features such as Integrated back LED Light, Photosensor for automatic lightning, directional headlight, APP based intelligence, built-in turn signal on the handlebar, built-in and removable battery.

X One technical specifications

While speaking about its technical specifications we will start first with its top sec 750W rear hub motor which cab achieve a top speed of 45 kmph. It also has another option of 240W which gives a speed of 32 kmph which comes with either pedal-assist or hand throttle.

It gets a 42V to 16Ah battery pack that travels for 75 km on a single charge. It can be charged on the e-bike itself or can be removed for charging remotely. Its weight is 24kg as it has an aluminium composite frame and carbon fibre fork which keeps its weight to low.

It also features hydraulic disc brakes and regenerative braking which can be activated either by pedalling backwards or by engaging power is applied. It can also be applied automatically when riding downhill and bike uses a gyrosensor to determine the level of the steep hill and according to that, the brakes are applied. The setting can be adjusted at any time by the rider.

No doubt that the e-bike has a stunning appearance and good components equipped. Here the interesting thing in this e-bike is the Android-based touchscreen integrated into the main beam of the frame. The X One has facial recognition so people whose face is fed into the system can only ride or unlock the bike just like any smartphone like iPhone is having. With this, your bike is super saved, as if the system recognises a non-approved user is trying to ride the bike it will lock down the drive train making it impossible to unlock.

Rayvolt X One e-bike

Not only that, you dont need to worry about turning your e-bike, it does it all by itself! You just need to nod your head in the direction you wish to turn and the turn indicators will light up for you. There are voice commands too.

After listening to all these features and specifications, you must be excited to know its price. So let me tell you that also, the X One e-bike comes with a price tag between $3,999 (Rs 2.87 lakh) and $4,399 (Rs 3.16 lakh). The X One is taking pre-orders on Indiego with expected delivery in June, next year. The X One comes in three different versions.

Rayvolt X One e-bike

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