September 23, 2020

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Hyderabad youngster converted a Moped into hybrid bike

converted a Moped into hybrid bike

Hyderabad youngster Ramya converted a

Moped into hybrid bike

In a world full of innovations here is a great innovation by a Hyderabad based youngster Ch.Ramya Priya. She has innovated with a moped and converted it into a hybrid bike which runs on both petrol and also on battery. She loves the wheels whether it is a bike, bicycle or a car. She loves to work on them and loves to add new features, altering and adding an eco-friendliness to them.

converted a Moped into hybrid bike

Converted a Moped into hybrid bike

This youngster is a Secunderabad resident and spent years learning about vehicles and their modification. With her gained knowledge, she modified a 1994 model TVS XL by wrapping, changing its exterior fittings, seat and equipping it with a motor which is suitable for both fuel and battery.

Ramya innovated a TVS moped which has been taken a new shape and motor as it is converted into a hybrid machine in just seven days. If we talk about its specifications it can provide a range of 50 km on charging it for three-hours she says.

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Like we all know, behind every success, there will be someone to encourage, here Ramya’s encouragement is her father who is a retired employee of BHEL and her mother runs a travel agency.

Ramya’s father encouraged him from the beginning. “I have been fascinated by bikes and cars since childhood. As I pursued a one-year technical course in automotive interior and exterior modifications at Airnox Institute, Delhi, it became easy to make the hybrid bike,” she says. After she completed her school, she joined in Periyar University in Tamil Nadu to pursue BBA.

Ramya had also got an opportunity to work with a UK startup but she had refused it saying “But, I refused it. I want to show my innovations in our country,” she says. She even has her brother settled there.

This is not the first innovation of Ramya last year also she made an electric pedal bike and that too in just three days. “It is a bike and when it runs out of charge, it can be pedalled like a bicycle,” she added.

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Ramya a 28-year-old innovative girl is keen to work on multipurpose vehicles which can be used in districts. “As these vehicles are cost-effective, they can be helpful for postmen, food delivery boys and in dairy farms. I am looking for support from the State government for bringing out more such eco-friendly bikes,” she says focusing on the green mobility in India. 

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