June 12, 2024

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E-Bike-Defender 3 Steps Easy Folding

E-Bike-Defender With the world struggling due to air and noise pollution, EVs are the best option to opt for. The electric vehicles help to keep the environment clean and green.


The Electric Defender e-bike from Carrywheels. This e-bike’s unique feature is that it folds with the cutting edge technology.

The e-bikes can be used in your daily life as it holds the top quality, performance, smart folding design, and excellent power and mileage.

Their other innovations include Automatic Balancing Hover Boards & Segway Style Scooters, Electric Wheelchair, Balance Bicycles (Coco Bike), Baby Carriages (Buggy),


Specifications of Electric Defender E-Bike

It has 250 WATTS Brushless Hub motor with a top speed of 25 Km/hr. The Powerful 8 Ah Lithium-ion Battery. It provides the range of 30-35 Kms on a Single Charge with Pedal Assist.

It takes 4-6 Hours to Charge with a supplied Charger and 2-3 Hours with Fast Charger. The weight of the e-bike is 19kgs with battery.

Features of  E-Bike-Defender

Up to 100 kgs payload. 14 CST Pro Series TUBELESS Tyres, Front Shock Absorbers, Ultra Bright Front LED Lights, Electric Horn, Rear Carrier & Sporty Mudguards. It also has a mobile phone holder with an in-built USB charger.

Dual Disk E-Brakes, unique Thumb & Twist Throttle & Multi-Functional LCD Display with 3 different levels of speed selection, Aluminium Alloy Frame, adjustable bicycle seat and handlebar height for perfect position of the rider.

Easily Folded in 3 steps and fits in Compact Vehicles, 

Easily foldable in 3 steps and can be fitted inside compact vehicles, under the desk, on metro trains, and at small places.

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