June 22, 2024

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EV Summit held in Hyderabad-not ready for EVs only 9,303 running on roads

EV Summit held in Hyderabad

The Department of Commerce & Industries and Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC) jointly organized an Electric Vehicle Summit 2019 in a hotel in Hyderabad. 

EV Summit held in Hyderabad-not ready for EVs only 9,303 running on roads

There were many leading companies participated at the event such as Bosch, ActiVolt, Axiom Energy, ICEA, EWE, Olectra Greentech and other consulting firms, KPMG and PWC and some from the Government of Telangana, including TSRTC, TSSPDCL, TSREDCO, HMRL.

EV Summit held in Hyderabad had several speakers

NITI Aayog national program

The Principal Secretary Industries, Jayesh Ranjan spoke in a meeting recently held with the Niti Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant, expressed his views on EVs that India missed out the telecom, industrial, mobile and solar revolutions.

He said that the State (Telangana) was one of the contenders for 10 Giga storage manufacturing which comes under the NITI Aayog national program which has a target of 50 Giga storage manufacturing across five locations in India.

The T-Hub helping the start-ups to develop and grow in numbers under the support of NITI Aayog.

Few other speakers also spoke at the event such as William Hopkinson, acting deputy commissioner Hyderabad, Sujai Karampuri, Director Electronics, Rajiv Reddy, Chairman southern council, ICC.

People still are not ready to adopt EVs in the city 

Though the price of petrol and diesel are high and raised to extreme levels, people still are not ready to adopt EVs. This can be said by seeing the EVs count in the city.

In spite of raised fuel prices people are not preferring to buy an EV even they have many subsidies provided to them.

According to the Regional Transport Authority – 9,303 electric vehicles

At current, there are only around 9,303 electric vehicles are running on the roads of Telangana according to the Regional Transport Authority. Out of them, 3,690 are electric two-wheelers, 5,573 are e-cars 40 are RTC passenger vehicles.

Regional Director, Indian Chamber of Commerce says, 

The regional director, Indian Chamber of Commerce, Debmalya Banerjee said at the summit that “Along with charging infrastructure, awareness should also be created. Most importantly, commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles need to be converted.”

TSREDCO, Vice Chairman & Managing Director 

Telangana State Renewable Energy Development Corporation Ltd (TSREDCO), Vice Chairman & Managing Director, N Janaiah said that “Although these e-vehicles are provided with benefits like road tax exemption, no need for registration and income tax exemption, there are issues such as battery storage mechanism and battery replacement that need to be addressed.”

40 charging stations available at different metro stations in city

There are 40 charging stations available at different metro stations in the city but there are without any instructions provided for the users to use it or not event the price for per unit charge also has not been decided yet by the government.


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