July 14, 2024

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3 Lithium-ion companies to set up 3 plants in Telangana soon


To boost the EVs in the country, the three electric vehicle battery (Li-ion) manufacturers will set up plants in Telangana soon as part of the NITI Aayog’s EV push. A 10 gigawatt combined capacity is expected to build with an investment of 1500 crore in the first phase.

3 Lithium-ion companies to set up 3 plants in Telangana soon

The Director of Electronics, Telangana, Sujai Karampuri said that the construction of the 3 different facilities will start this month or in the next and the production of the cells will begin in nine to 15 months after the construction.

The capacity will increase from 1 gigawatt in phase one to 10 gigawatt in the total due course with a total investment of Rs 6000 crore.

“Right now they are in the pipeline. We will disclose the names in a matter of a month or so. All the three companies put together, it is over Rs 1500 crore investment. The construction would probably start in a month or so.

It takes typically 9 months to 15 months to come up to the production stage. The combined capacity would approximate 10 gigawatts.”

In the first phase, they will start with one gigawatt and next go up to 5 gigawatts with an investment of Rs 1500 crore. But they will invest approximately Rs 6000 crore in all three phases.

Lithium-ion Battery Manufacturing Plant

Recently, the government of Telangana informed the NITI Aayog that it can set up a Giga-Scale Li-ion Battery Manufacturing Plant as proposed by the Centre.

Karampuri said that the government is developing a 200-acre park for EVs and will develop to 800 acres in the future.

The state government is taking many initiatives for electric vehicles under the State’s EV Policy though not announced or launched officially.

Let us see how the government will take care of these things and hope these facilities will start its construction and complete it as soon as possible so that it can start manufacturing the Li-ion cells to support the EV push in the country. 


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