February 24, 2024

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Bosch Chairman-Try EV pilots in few cities before adopting across India

Bosch Chairman-Try EV pilots

The Chairman of Bosch, Volkmar Denner is the supplier of power trains for Electric Vehicles (EVs) suggests that India must try for pilot projects for electric vehicles (EVs) in a few selected cities instead of adopting them across the country. 

Bosch Chairman-Try EV pilots in few cities before adopting across India

With the pilot projects, India can test needs, opportunities and improvements to be made for bringing in EVs all over India.

Chairman of Bosch, Volkmar Denner says 

“When the industry is resisting what government wants to do, why don’t you try out the idea of several pilot projects, maybe pilot cities (for EVs), instead of 100% IC (internal combustion) engines to zero,” 

“People can then study what the problems are, build the infrastructure and see whether there is acceptance of (EVs) in the market,” Denner said.

Niti Aayog’s decision of transition

He commented this on Niti Aayog’s decision of transition of full-fledged EVs in India by 2030. Many automakers don’t want to support the government’s decision as it is a sudden change from IC engines to EVs. It will disrupt the automobile industry which gives employment opportunity to millions.

Bosch supplies equipment to all automakers

Bosch supplies equipment to all automakers. It has manufactured a powertrain for electric two-wheelers which is adopted in huge amounts in China. “We can recommend to the government a plan to adopt electric two-wheelers,” he said.

Bosch, a German multinational engineering, automotive equipment, and technology supplier company, which is the second-largest engineering base is in India. It said that it will continue to work and will decrease the amounts of emissions from fossil fuel engines so that it can be used by companies all over the world.

“If you look at the change globally, our prediction is (that) 75% of all vehicles would be powered by IC engines by 2030 many of the hybrid. The remaining 25% would be battery-led electric vehicles or fuel cells,” Denner said. “The number could be different in India.” 

Bosch Chairman-Try EV pilots

His suggestion is maybe correct but India is already very late for the EV adoption. It is still in the stage of the debate as most of the automakers are opposing the NITI Aayog’s decision, they dont want to support the government’s decision.

Yes, we can see a slow growth but still, it is growing and this is the right time for India to get out of from that vehicular pollution once for all.

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