June 14, 2024

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Canoo reveals electric pickup

Canoo reveals electric pickup

A few weeks ago, EV maker Canoo reveals an electric pickup truck which is one of the categories of their EVs. Canoo mentions some of the coolest features of this truck which improves the utility of a pickup. Here are a few interesting features.

  • Pull-out Bed Extension:

The pickup truck bed is six feet long and can extend to a fully enclosed eight feet. The pull-handle bed extension also helps with loading and unloading the truck. When the bed is extended, the second layer of tailgate doors can be swiveled out. The extension also serves as a license plate holder.

  • Fold Down Worktable + Cargo Storage:

The pickup has a front cargo storage area that can hold tools or gear, also includes a fold down worktable with electrical outlets.

  • Flip-Down Side Tables:

Both sides of the truck have a flip down table in two expandable depths. Built into the side panel of the truck bed, the flip-down side table becomes a workbench that offers multifunctional power sources within reach.

  • Side Step + Storage:

There is a hidden side step that allows access to the truck bed. Underneath the step is a flexible storage area for items like a first-aid kit and other necessities.

  • Multi-Accessory Charge Port:

The pickup truck provides power outlets on all sides of the vehicle which impacts only 10% vehicle range.

  • Integrated Overhead + Bed Perimeter Lighting:

The third brake light doubles as an overhead light to see inside the cargo bed at night. The vehicle is also equipped with perimeter lighting on all sides of the bed wall for added visibility.

  • Roof Rack:

The pickup truck has optional roof racks in different sizes for added cargo storage and it is easily accessible from the flatbed or via the sidestep.

  • Camper Shell:

Camper shell is probably the coolest possibility of this modular design. Because your pickup truck becomes a camper with this shell and the driver’s cabin is accessible from the truck bed just like a regular van.

Also, this design can save us extra cash because it can be a pickup for utility and a van for fun.


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