February 05, 2023

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Flipkart partners Mahindra EDEL to deploy electric vehicles in its fleet 


Flipkart partners Mahindra EDEL to deploy electric vehicles in its fleet 

India’s leading and pioneer brand Mahindra’s Logistics Limited has partnered with a leading e-commerce marketplace to deploy electric vehicles all over its logistics fleet in India. Flipkart had already announced 100% electric mobility in its logistics fleet and will deploy more than 25,000 electric vehicles by 2030.

In 2020 Mahindra had launched its EDEL and partnered with the e-commerce and consumer companies to offer them last-mile delivery in 6 cities in India. MLL with Flipkart will not only build sustainable mobility but will also include charging infrastructure and parking lots, training workforce and battery swap stations in the coming years.

The e-commerce company Flipkart has already partnered with many OEMs and have included two and three-wheeled electric vehicles into its fleet. MLL will procure different types of electric vehicles from OEMs as it is making its presence Pan-India.

The electric delivery brand EDEL has already electric vehicles in its fleets in larger amounts. It has its presence across Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Kolkata, and Hyderabad and plans to cover more than 20 cities by 2021.

Mahindra Logistics CEO Rampraveen Swaminathan said, “The EV-based last-mile delivery service EDEL is aligned to this and provides customers with a sustainable, cost-competitive and technology-enabled last-mile delivery solution. Our focus is on expanding our network based on our deep partnership with large enterprise customers.” EDEL has developed EVs that fare well against its internal combustion-engine counterparts with an enhanced range and load capacity.

Hemant Badri, SVP Supply Chain, Flipkart Group, said, “Electrification of the logistics fleet is an important part of Flipkart’s larger sustainability goal and a key focus area for the company. We are happy to have Mahindra Logistics on board as a logistics partner, who will play a major role in helping us achieve our vision of making our logistics fleet fully electric by 2030. Through collective efforts, we aim to build and support solutions that boost EV adoption across the country and gradually make a 100% transition to EVs in our logistics fleet”.

We have many e-commerce companies that are mostly offering online services for their customers since the global pandemic lockdown. If all the e-commerce companies which include deliveries to their customers deploy electric vehicles it will help in reducing the air pollution levels in the country and it will be also helpful to achieve the aim of the government to make India a hub for electric vehicles


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