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Types of Motor and use of Controller in Electric Vehicles

types of motor

Types of motor and use of Controller in Electric vehicles

The Controller is the Electric Vehicle’s Carburetor, the need for a controller arises when an electric vehicle uses a BLDC motor for its working. Before understanding the need for a controller, let’s first get to know about the types of motors used in electric vehicles.

Controller for electric vehicles

The types of Motor used in Electric Vehicles

  1. DC Series motor (Brushed DC Motor)
  2. BLDC motor
  3. PMSM (Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor)
  4. Three Phase Induction Motor

1.DC series motor

The DC series motor produces high initial torque. The easy speed control and high load-bearing capacity made this a good choice but the maintenance for these motors is high since it has brushes and commutators but still the Indian railways use this motor.

types of motor
DC Series Motor

2.BLDC motor

These motors have high efficiency and low maintenance since there is no brushes and commutators in this type of motors. These are an advanced type of DC series motor. BLDC is the widely used motor for electric vehicles since the loss is less in BLDC motors when compared to the others.

types of motor
BLDC Motor

3.PMSM (Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor)

It is very similar to the BLDC motor, the major difference is the back emf and these produce high torque and are used in cars and sports vehicles.

PMSM motor
PMSM Motor

4.Three Phase Induction Motor

Unlike other types, these have low torque but they withstand all environmental conditions, tesla uses this type of motor.

Induction Motor


We use BLDC motor in our vehicle they do not have brushes and commutators. so, we need a device to communicate with the motor there comes the use of a controller. The controller is a device that controls the speed and sends a signal to the motor. The use of a controller is very important in electric vehicles to control and regulate the speed and charging and all the other controls of the vehicle.

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