June 15, 2024

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World’s First Electric Road For Charging EVs-Sweden

The future of the Universe is dreaming and fuming for electric power.Recently, Sweden government took a glorifying decision by launching the worlds first ever charging road to amplify the growth of electric vehicles.Sweden is trialing the world’s first public road which allows electric vehicles to recharge while driving through the electric road.


A Cost-Effective Approach to the Future

This eRoad is an example of a sustainable and cost-effective solution to enable the electrification of existing commercial roads.The electric road will works like this, When vehicles approach the track, a sensor from the car or truck detects the electrified rail and the movable arm lowers from underneath the vehicle and inserts into the rail. The arm has been designed to be flexible, providing the car, or truck, the freedom to move around the road without disconnecting.

The track stretches along two kilometers (1.2 miles) and has been installed on public road “893” just 30 minutes outside of Stockholm

Electic road-A Land of Electric Advantages

  • To make fossil-free road transportation a reality
  • Electric vehicle batteries can be smaller
  • Cheaper to manufacture and will ultimately be more sustainable
  • Truck’s battery would be able to weigh as little as 600 kilograms.
  • The technology is safe and works perfectly in weather such a rain, snow and ice


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