July 13, 2020

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Squad 2-seater solar electric car

Squad 2-seater solar electric car

Squad 2-seater solar electric car

Squad two-seater solar electric car is from Squad Mobility. It is developed by two former Lightyear employees It is an affordable Squad Solar electric car that can solve the city’s traffic problems. It is best suited for daily urban (sub) mobility and is emission-free and it takes parking space just like a scooter. It helps you escape from the heavy traffics on road. Let us discuss the Squad 2-seater solar electric car. 

Squad 2-seater solar electric car

Talking about its technical specifications, the Squad’s solar electric two-seater offers a top speed of 45 km/h (28 mph). An 80 Km/h (50 mph) version is being planned and will have enough demand for it. It has four-wheel independent suspension and motors in wheel RWD with 4kW motor power. It has a portable lithium-ion battery which gives a maximum range 100 km and solar range will get is 20-30 km per day. It charges using solar or the 220v and it has a regenerative braking system too.

It has two passenger seating capacity and in rear bench, 2 children up to 1.25 meter can sit and it is legally permitted. It has a storage capacity of 68L/243L (cargo). The Squad will be homologated in the L6e category, Light 4-wheeled vehicles.

Solar electric car features 

The squad is 2000 mm in length, 1000 mm in width and height is 1600 mm. Its safety features such as four-wheel disks, parking brake, all seat belts, Lighting in front and rear, turning lights.

Squad 2-seater solar electric car

It has also a storage compartment in the back. To keep it at low cost, the body panels and doors are left out and for efficiency, ruggedness, durability and easy access.

Squad Mobility CEO  

Robert Hoevers, CEO of Squad Mobility, said “Emissions and traffic congestion are the two main issues in today’s urban mobility. Our solar-electric Squad can charge up to 9.000 km per year in a sunny country with its own solar roof, making it completely emission-free for most users driving circa 30 km or 1 hour per day for 300 days a year in an urban environment. Most vehicles in this segment don’t drive more than 6000 km per year. The extra range can be charged directly from the grid with an ordinary plug and/or our portable batteries.” If you wish to increase the range then the additional battery packs can be ordered.

The squad is specifically developed for the shared platforms as the shared mobility users need easy access, safe and stable ride. Cities are looking forward to the smallest space footprint and pollution-free vehicles for daily commutes.

Squad price  

The Squad is currently available for pre-order from the company website, Squad Mobility. The planned retail price of €5,750 (US$6,330) Rs. 4.56 lakhs and the deliveries will start in 2021 in the EU.

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