June 14, 2024

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Hanergy Solar Powered Electric Car

Hanergy Solar Powered Electric Car

Thin-film manufacturer Hanergy claims that they have produced the world’s first commercial solar power vehicle, after a month of hardcore testing. They confirmed their Chinese K-Car ran for 20km daily in “normal” sunlight for 30 days without recharging.


The Chinese company issued a press release on Friday saying that its CIGS thin-film modules had been applied to the roof of a Japanese Kei-Car, the smallest category of vehicle permitted to drive on the respective country’s highways.


Hanergy Solar Powered Electric Car

The Chinese K-Car developed by Hanergy Mobile Energy Holding Group’s, the subsidiary of Hanergy Glory Solar Technology and Shanghai-based carmaker Joylong Automobile was reportedly tested at the China Automotive Technology and Research Center.


Hanergy Solar Car
Hanergy Solar Car


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The vehicle battery regained   more than 60% of charge after the 30 days of testing. The cell maker claimed 60-80% of battery charge remained at the end of each day’s run, besides, a further 30-80km of range also included for an overall daytime range of 50-100km without charging.


The Hanergy in 2017, extended the range of delivery tricycles by fitting a solar roof by 20km, enabling 79 days of use without recharging.


Hanergy has also worked on solar roof systems with Audi and supplied “solar mats” to delivery company DHL for the use of its U.K. fleet last year, to power operations such as tail lifting and to extend the range of electric vehicles. The company also started its work on Solar Runner #1 delivery vehicles for Chinese couriers STO Express and ZJS Express. There is another joint project in their hands, with bus manufacturer TAM-Europe which it described as China’s first airport shuttle bus with a thin-film solar roof.






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