June 14, 2022

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Oye! electric rickshaw startup for last-mile commutes

Oye! electric rickshaw

Oye! electric rickshaw startup for last-mile commutes

Oye! electric rickshaw a Delhi based startup is amazingly helping people for their last-mile commutes. Oye! Rickshaw is an electric rickshaw aggregation platform that works within 5 Km of the radius. The IIT-Delhi alumnus Mohit Sharma and his school friend NIT-Allahabad alumnus Akashdeep Singh made a decision to start an EV Startup, Oye! rickshaw in January 2017 in Delhi. Let us see more about Oye! electric rickshaw. 


Oye! electric rickshaw

The Startup mainly focuses on shared mobility and shared commutes. Mohit says that they have observed the operations of Ola. He said that a customer at least takes a ride minimum two times a day.

At current, the startup experiencing 25 rides per customer per month. In three months of time, they touched more than 70,000 rides and registered about 15,000 customers. This year they have completed 2 million rides.

Mohit had worked for 2 years for Hero Group and later with his uncle, he founded Jangid Motors, a startup which designs, manufactures and distributes electric rickshaws. It took 18 months for them to get ground and traction, they sold over 10,000 e-rickshaws said Mohit.

Oye! electric rickshaw

“We realised that other platforms couldn’t break into the market as the entire driver and rider experience was different. For example, drivers of e-rickshaws do not go beyond a 5-km radius. They are usually around metros, malls, bus stations, and other hubs. If you give them a customer beyond that radius, they will not pick the ride,” he added. 

The company’s target customers who get 20,000 per month and cannot afford Ola or Uber cabs, keeping this in mind, both decided to make a ride-sharing platform focusing on 5 km radius.

Oye! electric rickshaw chargers 

The drivers charge Rs 20 for a per ride out of it, the company gets 15% commission. It also has subscription options, the average cost of a subscription is 300 in which you get 30 or 60 rides. For an older hub, they provide 30 rides for Rs 300 and for 50 rides Rs 500.


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