May 18, 2024

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World’s safest & smartest electric scooter-AppScooter Etergo

Electric scooter-AppScooter is an electric smart scooter from Etergo startup which is the safest and smartest electric scooter in the world offers a range of 240 km.

World’s safest & smartest electric scooter-AppScooter Etergo


The scooter with high performance and durability gives an amazing driving experience of Tesla. The scooter has some unique features used through Google Android, the same as the OS that runs on smartphones. It can go from 0 to 45 kilometers per hour in just 3.9 seconds.

electric scooter-AppScooter Etergo range 240km

Why it is fast?

The company says a petrol scooter can give a range of 200KM and any electric scooter can give 160 KM but the AppScooter can give a range of 240Km.

It comes with the three battery modules. You can choose your desired range. The charging of the battery is very simple, you can just plug in on the street or carry your battery inside with the help of the shoulder sling to plug into any standard outlet. 1 module=80 KM.

electric scooter-AppScooter Etergo

Why is Safe? 

Handlebar control

It is the safest electric scooter as it is providing you with the unique features such as Handlebar control which allows you to control your phone through Bluetooth, answer calls, stream music and control navigation and other driver-friendly apps on the 7″ touchscreen.

electric scooter-AppScooter Etergo

As 70% of the people use their smartphone while driving and results in a 160 times higher chance of (near) crashes.

55L Storage Compartment 

For an average scooter, the battery is large and blocky but it has something else here it has a Large trunk that offers a huge 55L seat storage.

Which holds two adults helmets, full grocery bags and many more. It has large scooter storage that fulfills all the needs of a user.

electric scooter-AppScooter Etergo

Specifications of AppScooter Etergo

It has a powerful 6,000-watt electric motor which gives the 135nm torque for an acceleration speed of 0-45km/h in 3.9 seconds. The powertrain is optimized to get 90% efficiency results in low power usage with maximum performance.

The batteries are shaped in a unique way so that it can be carried easily, it weighs 7.5 kg less than any electric scooter battery.

It takes only 2.3 hours using a 600watt charger. The batteries can be charged for 80% in 1.5 hours.

The exterior appearance of electric scooter 

The exterior appearance of the electric scooter is made of a lightweight monocoque from Long Glass Fiber Reinforced SMC (sheet molding compound).

Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS)

The shells of the scooter are 5x thicker than the shells used in many other scooters. The scooter is designed for two passengers and it has a Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) or regenerative braking in which energy from braking is returned to the battery.


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