July 23, 2024

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Electric Scooters introduced by Popular Motorcycle maker Ducati

Electric Scooters

Electric Scooters, A popular motorcycle manufacturer, Ducati announced to introduced Electric Scooter. Earlier CEO, Claudio Domenicali confirmed that the company will bring in the all-electric superbike for the Italian auto major’s portfolio but seems it had completely gone into the different vehicle.

Electric Scooters introduced by Popular Motorcycle maker Ducati

The company CEO in January said, “the future is electric and we’re not far from beginning production of the series”.

This statement shows that the manufacturer has stepped into the EV industry and we might see the electric vehicles from the luxury brand automaker.

Electric Scooters-Ducati and Vmoto made a licensing agreement 

The recent announcement made by a China-based electric two-wheeler manufacturer ‘Vmoto’ that Ducati has made a licensing agreement to produce a Ducati Electric Scooter. The partnership agreement states that the Ducati-branded CUx electric scooters will be officially the products under the license of Ducati”.

CUx electric scooters modified into luxury Version 

The CUx will electric scooters will be modified and make it into a luxury one and provides to its customers at a premium price.

The sales of the e-scooters will be done by using the Vmoto’s existing network and the marketing part is handled by the Ducati.

CUx will electric scooters is marketed under the name Super SOCO brand which is the subsidiary of the Vmoto.

Specifications of Super SOCO electric scooter

If we talk about the specifications of the Super SOCO electric scooter are, it is powered by a 1.8kWh battery pack which gives a maximum range of around 75Km.

The scooter runs a 2.8kW Bosch hub motor which produces a 3.7 bhp and the top speed is limited to 45kmph.

Super SOCO electric scooter Features 

The electric scooter has some unique features such as camera installed at the front to record videos similar to action cameras or dash cam. 

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