March 31, 2020

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Valvoline launched a range of EV specific product line

Valvoline launched a range of EV

Valvoline launched a range of EV specific product line

Valvoline is all set to launch its first range of electric vehicles specific products known as Valvoline EV performance fluids.

The Valvoline is a global supplier of premium automotive lubricants and automotive services with sales in more than 140 countries. Established in 1866, the company’s heritage spans more than 150 years.

Valvoline launched a range of EV performance fluids

The company’s chief marketing officer, Heidi Matheys said about the new range that the company’s technical team has developed products to cater to the needs of transforming vehicle technology.

The company has committed for the additional and latest EV products include the part of the range such as Valvoline EV Heat Transfer Fluids, Valvoline EV Drive System Fluid, Valvoline EV Brake Fluid and Valvoline EV Grease.

The company claims that these products help to deal with the common issues such as battery temperature variations, powertrain performance, brake system corrosion and seal bearing failures faced by the EV owner. These products also help in extending the battery life and also the other components of an electric vehicle which helps an EV to perform more better.

Sandeep Kalia, MD, Valvoline Cummins India said, “We have maintained a very close technical and commercial relationships with many of the innovative OEM’s in the EV world, ultimately leading to the launch of this new product offering that helps to ensure optimum vehicle performance as EV technologies rapidly evolve. Talking about the Indian market, the product line will soon be available in India.”

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