July 18, 2024

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Top 8 EV news this week

Top 8 EV news this week

Top 8 EV news this week

Here are the Top 8 EV news this week.

GST reduction on EV chargers from 18 to 12%

The 35th meeting of GST (Goods and Services Tax) council on Friday approved for the reduction GST on electric vehicle chargers to 12 percent from 18 percent earlier.

However, no GST reduction in electric vehicles given. No relief was given to the manufacturers as the proposal to reduce tax on EV is still under the consideration with GST committee.

It is benefited to the charger manufacturers, the Panasonic, Head, Energy System Division, Atul Arya says that It will definitely boost up the EV industry. The charger was costing high even some States are trying to subsidize it. The GST cut will reduce the net cost of chargers.

The Sun Mobility, Founder Chetan Maini said that the companies selling the off-board charger will benefit from this step.

Delhi gets first EV smart public charging station (Blue Smart Charge)

The national capital’s private power distribution company BSES Rajdhani Power Limited (BRPL) said that the Delhi got its first smart public electric vehicle (EV) charging station.

But Delhi had already 39 EV charging stations installed by the Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL), owned by the central government.

When asked to BRPL’s general manager, Prashant Dua, said the facility inaugurated last week was “one of the first smart public EV charging stations which have the app based facilities for consumers”.

BRPL has made a partnership with some company to install more than 150 smart EV charging stations, also called Blue Smart Charge-across its licensed areas.

Maruthi Suzuki may launch small electric vehicle by next year

Maruthi Suzuki may launch small electric vehicle by next year. The automaker will be ready with its vehicle by 2020 but we can expect the price higher for the WagonR Electric model.

At present, there are about 50 models of WagonR Electric which are under testing and will launch by next year.

As per the Maruti Suzuki, MD Kenichi Ayukawa, the electric model will cost around INR 12 Lakh.

There is no incentive provided by the government under the FAME II scheme for the personal use of cars making it costlier for the buyers.

China EV maker to produce cars from Kia Motors China plant

China EV maker Human Horizons to produce cars from Kia Motors‘ China plant. It will use a joint venture plant to manufacture its first model.

The Shanghai-based startup said that it expects to start its mass-production of cars from the plant which runs by a joint venture of Dongfeng Motor, Yueda Group, and Kia Motors, in 2021.

SMEV asked government for ‘Clean air’ campaign under Swachh Bharat Mission


Electric vehicle makers’ body SMEV called for imposed ‘green cess’ on polluting vehicles making the Electric Vehicles (EV) an important sector to bring in the ecosystem.

The SMEV (Society of Manufacturers of Electric Vehicles) asked the government for a dedicated allocation of ‘Clean air’ campaign under Swachh Bharat Mission.

“We strongly advocate the imposition of a notional green cess on the polluting vehicles and use it to accelerate electric mobility,” SMEV Director General Sohinder Gill said in a statement.

CII President says tax on carbon emission instead of a blanket ban on ICE vehicles

CII (Confederation of Indian Industry) president, Vikram Kirloskar, says that ban should be imposed on the carbon emission instead of going blanket ban on the sale of non-electric vehicles.

Vikram is also the Vice Chairman of Toyota Kirloskar Motor and the Toyota Kirloskar Auto Parts Private Ltd, he said that “Dont say don’t do X and dont do Y. Reduce carbon consumption Incentivise the carbon or punish the carbon and let the market decide,” told about the ban of ICE vehicles.

According to BusinessLine, “I wish the policy is on carbon reduction. Our objectives as per Paris commitments is to reduce the carbon. So make carbon reduction as the objective don’t tell what technology. It may be electric, it maybe methane from grass, it may be anything. Let the market decide the most appropriate technology. Tax high carbon and that’s not only applicable to vehicles, but that is also applicable to any industrial appliance. Tax high carbon and reduce, incentivize low carbon, that’s all we are saying. That is a long-term policy of 40 years we can make,” he said.

As the government decided the ban of three-wheelers by April 2023 and ban of two-wheelers by 2025 the non-electric vehicles automakers seems to be unhappy with the government’s decision. 

Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers, President, Rajan Wadhera said, “None of the stakeholders in the country, industry, government nor the suppliers have any meaningful experience of EVs to even contemplate a complete 100 percent shift.”

“In the current scenario, any policy to accelerate the transition to EVs would lead to a policy-induced disruption which could result in significant damage to the auto industry and spell a big blow to the overall ecosystem of these MSMEs, with its related impact on employment,” he added.

Tata Motors will supply 25 Tigor EVs partners with Janani Tours

Tata Motors will supply 25 Tigor EVs to Janani Tours in Bengaluru. Janani Tours is one of the leading tour operators in Bengaluru.

After this, it will start its electric mobility to corporate clients and fleet customers. At present Tata Tigor EV is unavailable for the individual buyers but it is available for fleet operators an government agencies.

To push the electric mobility in the country, it has made Tiago EV and Tigor EV. It has also received the electric vehicle fleet order from EESL’s.

The Tata Motors, Electric Mobility Business & Corporate Strategy, President, Mr. Shailesh Chandra said that they are very happy for the partnership with Janani Tours to take the initiative for zero emission in India.

Piaggio 3rd largest three-wheeler maker wants to India to slow EV Roll

Piaggio, the third largest three-wheeler manufacturer wants India to slow down its EV roll. India’s three-wheeler sales were 717,590 in the year 2017 over CY2017’s 548,026 in that Piaggio ranks at the second position in overall sales.

Since the three-wheeler first will get an effect in 2023, Piaggio says that India is going to soon. Currently, Bajaj positioned at high with the total sales in 2018 is 419,246 and Piaggio at 167,362.

Whereas at the third position is taken by the Mahindra with sales of 64,506 three-wheelers at the same time.

The CEO of Piaggio Vehicles, Dr. Diego Graffi said that they have lined up investments of more than Rs 300 crore in the next three years for the expansion of there three-wheeler segment. He says they have a huge space for growth here.



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