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8 Big Electric Vehicles news this week

Electric Vehicles this week

Electric Vehicles this week

Here are all the important 8 Big Electric Vehicles news this week. 

Ford to shut Welsh engine plant, 1,700 Job loss

Ford to shut its engine plant in Wales, a country in Great Britain. The shutting of its plant causing the job loss of 1,700.

The head of Ford’s Europe division, Stuart Rowley, said that “changing customer demand and cost disadvantages” had contributed to making the Bridgend facility in south Wales “economically unsustainable in the years ahead” and that it would shut in late 2020.

Ford insisted the US group to continue with the passenger and commercial vehicle sales leader

e-fluids launch by Shell India to make EV performance better

Shell India, international energy companies in India has launched a new range of fluids to operate in the battery of an Electric Vehicle (EV). It is specifically designed for EVs so that it offers better performance and be more efficient.

The company says this step has been taken toward’s government’s decision to adopt EVS in the nation. The company is closely working with the automotive and component manufacturers to make this ‘First Fill’ fluids.

vice-president of Global Commercial, Huibert Vigeveno, said, “Shell’s e-fluids have been designed by specialized lubricant scientists based in Hamburg and Shanghai to optimize the performance of EVs and deal with these challenges.

E-fluids will help battery EVs reduce their lifecycle emissions and extend their lifespans due to their ultra-low viscosity properties which increase vehicles efficiency, and outstanding aging properties which exceeds conventional oils. Shell has also produced a range of fluids, Shell Helix Hybrid, which is designed to work specifically with hybrid vehicles,” said. Mahindra & Mahindra is one of the partners of Shell.

15% discount on the premiums for electric vehicles

The regulator proposed a 15% discount on the premiums for electric vehicles. The premium for private cars is Rs 1,761 if the policy is for one-year not exceeding 30 kilowatts. The premium for between 30 kilowatts and 65 kW is Rs 2, 738, and for exceeding 65 KW the premium is Rs 6,707.

If the premium is for long term cover for electric private cars not exceeding 30 kilowatts is Rs 4,493, between 30 kilowatts and 65 kW it is Rs 8,104 and for 65 kilowatts the premium has been fixed at Rs 20,659.

General Motors EV to use Michelin’s airless  tyres

Michelin’s airless tyres will be used in an electric autonomous vehicle from General Motors (GM). The airless tyres, Uptis unveiled this week, is an acronym of Unique Puncture-proof Tyre System.

It consists of a  flexible spoke structure made from rubber and a patented, new resin -infused fiberglass reinforcement. The flexible ring is wrapped in a conventional tyre. The Michelin is working with several automakers to bring the prototype into production. This tyre can be used for a light truck to a performance car, electric or combustion engine powered.

Govt to allot Rs 2,500 Crore For 5,000 E-Buses in India

To promote and develop electric vehicles in India. The central government is planning to deploy 5,000 electric buses across the country. The electric buses will be deployed under the FAME II scheme.

It is the largest tender to be issued by the government. The cities will get subsidies on these buses by the Centre who opt these electric vehicles.

They can avail 40% subsidy on the cost of the electric buses. The would amount to a maximum of Rs 55 lakh per a standard bus of 10-12 meters, Rs 45 lakh for a midi-bus of 8-10 meters and 35 lakhs for a mini electric bus.

‘V2G bundle’ electric charger launch by Octopus Electric Vehicles

Octopus Electric Vehicles and Wallbox announced the launch of new ‘V2G bundle’ vehicle to grid (V2G) Charger to the UK.

The new technology allows the Wallbox to reduce the size and weight of the inverter, earlier V2G charger points were much heavier and larger than the existing one-way charging points (where energy only flows from the grid to charge the car).

The Octopus claims that the inverter switch from DC to AC is a much faster rate than the previous one. It is offering a Nissan Leaf, a free Wallbox V2G charger and green energy who buys the V2G bundle.

Bajaj and KTM announced partnership for electric scooters, Bikes in India

There are many automakers showing interest in making electric vehicles (EV). The Bajaj and KTM announced their new partnership to manufacture electric scooters, bikes in India.

The two companies will work on a serial production project for electric two-wheelers which have the power output of 3 to 10 kW (48 volts). The production list will include scooters, mopeds and small mopeds. The electric vehicles will be manufactured and sold under both brands. Production will take place in Bajaj’s Pune plant in 2022.

Bajaj will enter into the EV market in India, in this financial year 2019-20 with the collaboration with KTM will produce common  48-volt electric 2-wheeler with the power range 3-10 kW

C-HR-Hybrid Pioneer Toyota unveils its first Electric car

Earlier Toyota didn’t have a pure electric vehicle but it does have its hybrids, plug-in hybrids and fuel cell cars like the Mirai all have electric motors, battery packs and power control units that EVs employ.

It has now come up with the EV, the C-HR. The EV spotted testing in July 2018 and expected to launch in 2020 with the expected price of 17 lakh in some cities.



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