June 15, 2024

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Govt refused to extend the deadline for 2 & 3 wheelers


Govt had refused to extend the deadline it has given to two- and three-wheelers for running on batteries.

Govt refused to extend the deadline for 2 & 3 wheelers

The deadline given by the government for three-wheelers is 2023 and for two-wheelers having up to a 150-cc engine is 2025.

Industry executives who attended a high-powered meeting said that the NITI Aayog had refused to extend the deadline and asked them to submit a road map on the proposal of transition in two weeks.

A senior official said, that they gave them enough time of 6 years to complete the roll-out of the electric two-wheeler.

Service Integration and Management (SIAM)

Industry executives said that this aggressive road maps will hurt the industry commercially and will petition the government through their lobby group Service Integration and Management (SIAM).

Executive aware of the development said, 

“We will ask for a review. My assembly line, which has been set up with large capital investment, cannot be changed overnight and transitioned in two years. That is impossible and will hit us commercially,” said an executive aware of the development.

So, the Government refused to extend the deadline for 2 & 3 wheelers which will encourage electric vehicles in the country. However, the non-electric vehicles sector will have to pay a huge amount of losses and they will hurt commercially. 

To push the electric mobility and electrifying 25% of electric vehicles in the country. The government is taking many initiatives, like another initiative this also can be counted as the government initiative to bring in as much as electric vehicles in the country.

If the government will not follow the deadlines strictly, the ICE vehicles industry will not transform by their own to this early. 



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