May 28, 2024

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Supreme Court Suggest Automakers to Switchover EVs

The Supreme Court of India has raised its voice to electrify the Automobile industry.SC has asked Automakers of India to Switch over electric vehicles to produce efficient batteries for EVs. Petrol and Diesel prices are raising like summer temperatures, thereby common people are suffering.This kind of move from SC should be appreciated.

Great move by Honorable Justices of SC.

Meanwhile, the SC Honorable Justices, Madan B Lokur, and U Deepa Gupta said that India should be one of the active participants of EVs revolution for a pollution-free nation.many international companies already producing efficient batteries of EVs and suggesting Automakers of India should also be a part of it.

SC has also made some satirical comments on automakers, ‘You are not ready for investment in manufacturing batter operating vehicles, ask your clients to switch over battery-run vehicles for a transforming India’.We always welcome foreign comp to invest in India for EV revolution.

INDIAN Government Supporting EVs summit 2018

Earlier, the Indian government has taken its first step towards ‘Vision 2030 Electric India’.A great opportunity for many emerging companies to perform their innovative work inventions for E-Mobility in the most promising event ‘Electric Vehicle India Summit 2018′.


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  1. Niraj

    Electric cars is the future of transportation in India, Probably because of awareness and price of Electric cars its acceptance is not that great in India . Government should install adequate charging stations and give more incentives for buying electric cars.

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