March 04, 2021

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Electric vs IC Auto rickshaw

Electric vs IC rickshaw

Electric vs IC Auto rickshaw

Auto rickshaws are essential for public transport as much as bus or train in a country like India. These autos are two-stroke engine powered vehicles that left a negative impact on the environment. However, Auto rickshaw manufacturers introduced CNG and LPG versions to reduce carbon footprint. But these autos were not available for hire even in 2020 in most rural areas. Now the electrification of Auto rickshaws encouraged manufacturers to make zero-emission and silent Auto rickshaws. Let’s take a look at Electric vs IC autorickshaw.

Electric vs IC rickshaw

Electric Auto rickshaw

Electric autos are available for purchase or an IC auto is suitable for electric conversion depending on the requirement. The cost of electric auto is high, but the operation and maintenance cost is almost zero. Most of the Electric autos are made compatible with battery swapping which is a quick process. Electric autos are good at acceleration which is important for urban traffic. Due to the low wear and tear impact on an electric vehicle, the maintenance cost is almost zero which can save expenses for fleet or individual auto drivers.

 IC auto rickshaws

Internal combustion auto-rickshaws had few drawbacks even after the inception of CNG and LPG versions. The environmental impact of CNG, LPG versions is less in comparison to a regular auto, but the availability of these fuels is rare in remote areas. These low powered IC engines don’t offer better pickup like electric autos and also heavier in weight.  Auto rickshaws rides are mostly in harsh conditions and beyond recommended parameters in most parts of the country. This negligence may cost more due to maintenance and parts replacement which is a financial burden for irregular earning auto driver.


Mass adaption to electric autos in remote areas helps organisations to establish charging networks to make operations simpler. Adaption to electric can control the environmental impact even before the increase in rural pollution because most of the rural areas have acceptable air quality levels which must be protected.

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