March 03, 2021

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Steyr konzept hybrid electric tractor

hybrid electric tractor

Steyr konzept hybrid electric tractor

Tractors are one of the vehicles which contribute to emissions. With all the means of transportation adapting to electric, tractor manufacturers are also in search of alternatives. Manufacturers around the globe including India are trying to bring efficient electric tractors to farms. Steyr is one of those companies which is trying to be the best with their next level concept. The Steyr konzept hybrid electric tractor might be the upcoming tractor from this tractor manufacturer.

STEYR Konzept Wins 2020 MUSE Design Award

Steyr konzept hybrid electric tractor

The tractor has a modular hybrid electric drive, comprising a combustion engine, a generator, and several electric motors. The selection of these components creates a vehicle design that allows for an optimum overview of the vehicle. This will provide farmers with a wide range of benefits in future, enhanced ride comfort, flexibility and options, and essential performance in the field and on-road.

Technical overview

The operation of this tractor is possible with a diesel engine and electric hub motors on all wheels. All the electric motors are in a network of STEYR Concept. So, the power is always available wherever it’s a requirement is most for the situation at hand. An e-torque boost, fed from a central battery, supplies additional energy at peak power. Mechanical transmission and hydraulic components in the powertrain are therefore surpluses to requirements.  

 hybrid electric tractor


The intelligent 4 wheel drive of the concept tractor provides optimal power transmission. The four electric hub motors receive energy from the battery or generator according to need. Individual control allows for outstanding traction and precision steering. In purely electric mode, the STEYR Concept enables zero-emissions in both exhaust emissions and noise. The charging of the battery pack can also be done at the plug socket. The option of regenerative braking is also available with all the electric motors in the tractor.


 hybrid electric tractor

The looks and the practicality of this concept tractor will be interesting even though if you are not a farmer or tractor driver. The drone which helps a single farmer to plan efficiently is also an added advantage in this tractor.

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