May 03, 2021

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Huge Electric Tractor -Fendt E100 Vario Electric Tractor

electric tractor-Fendt 1050 Vario

Frendt is a worldwide brand of AGCO (American agricultural equipment manufacturer) located in the United States. It is one of the trustworthy Tractor manufacturers in the US. Frendt 1050 ,1046,1042 and Frendt 1000 vario are famous tractors.Recently, Fendt e100 fully electric tractor has launched.

Fendt E 100 Electric Tractor Specifications

  • Works up to 5 Hours on a single charge.
  • 50kW Output power.
  • Input energy 650V Lithium Battery.
  • Battery Capacity 100kWh.
  • Fast charge of 80% in 40 minutes.
  • Energy can be reused with the regenerative energy system.

Fendt E 100 Features

fendt e100 electric tractor

Fendt Electric Tractor is fully compatible and conventional. It works on two powerful interfaces for electrical equipment with a booster battery package of 150kW.

It works on two variants, the standard PTO connection, and the normal hydraulic supply to implement. It is highly beneficial for farmers who can be free from diesel prices.

Fendt E 100 History

Fendt dedicated its technology to the electrification of agriculture. It developed many practical solutions for electrical challenging systems. The Fendt e 100 is the worlds first practical battery-powered tractor which can be used in fields without the need of a recharge.

electric-tractor PRICE

Fendt has released three diesel run tractors namely Fend 1046, Fend 1050, and Fend 1042. Out of these three tractors, Fend 1050 is one of the famous tractors in the U.S.

Fendt 1000 Vario features

  1. High power and low fuel consumption.
  2. Supreme performance in heavy draft work
  3. New paths for a higher yield: Connected precision farming.

Benefits and applications of Electric Tractor

Electric Tractor can significantly minimize CO2 emissions in the atmosphere. Renewable energy resources are limited but electricity is abundant in nature in the form of wind, solar and water. Maintenance work and costs also reduced.

Electric Tractor can be used on a farm, in the forest, or by local councils. The benefits are multiple.

Fendt E 100 Price

electric tractor-fendt e100 vario
electric tractor-Fendt e100

Fendt E 100 Electric Tractor will be available in limited numbers. There is no official announcement about the Fendt E 100 price. It will be officially announced on 2019.




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