March 03, 2021

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Solectrac electric tractors

solectrac electric tractors

Solectrac electric tractors

The United States has a significant proportion of land for agriculture. Most farmers own or operate a huge amount of land with less labour involvement. This results in high usage of machinery which are mostly diesel engines which contribute to emissions. A tractor is the basis of such machinery because these farm equipment will function only by either connecting or operating with a tractor. Solectrac electric tractors from the U.S were making more efficient and no emission tractors as an upgrade to these diesel tractors.

solectrac electric tractors


solectrac began its operations in 2012 and the man behind solectrac is steve heckeroth. He was working on electric vehicles since 1992. He realized that tractors require additional weight for certain operations better traction. So, he began experimenting with an affordable heavy battery which has an added advantage with weight along with the power to electric tractors. He was commissioned to build an electric tractor for Ford in 1995 and later for a Japanese corporation. In this electric vehicle development process, they are responsible for the efficiency and safety-related innovations.

solectrac 2013

In 2013 they began experimenting with certain prototypes with lithium batteries. They received a grant from IUSSTF which supported their research. In their phase 1 operations they received 250,000$ from national science foundation (NSF) to develop components for commercial production. They self-funded the solectrac when they were unable to receive the 2nd phase funding. These tractors are capable of any operations when compared to diesel under 60HP applications.

Solectrac’s tractors

Solectrac has 3 variants with respect to the farm application. Solectrac offers an electric tractor by configuration according to the user requirement. The first variant (CET) is equivalent to 30HP diesel tractor with applications in Vineyards, Greenhouses, golf courses etc. The second variant is equivalent to a 40HP diesel tractor which is suitable for livestock and other utility work. The third version has 3 hitches to accommodate most farm machinery.

Solectrac Future

Solectrac has been one of the first in electric tractors that proved to be simple for most operations with instant torque. Other manufactures like Mahindra, John Deere developing their own versions of electric tractors to hold their market space.

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