June 16, 2022

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Reliance Jio starts trials for running EVs delivery fleet

Reliance Jio

A leading Indian telecommunications company and wholly own subsidiary of Reliance Industries, Reliance Jio is running trials of electric vehicle delivery. The company with collaboration with some of the startups and well settled major players. According to Vikram Misra, the vice president SCM (P&C) of Reliance Jio Infocomm made an announcement about the pilot launch of its new commerce venture in July 2019.

Reliance Jio starts trials for running EVs delivery fleet

At World EV Show event, held yesterday in Delhi, Mr Misra talked about the expansion of its commerce venture to use electric vehicles in the delivery fleet and the company is looking forward for sustainable delivery options. Reliance Jio will have lakhs of delivery vehicles in its new commerce venture.

India’s eCommerce idea is a huge success mostly during the festive seasons’ sales said, Misra. The company wants to reach to the masses not being just an eCommerce player.

The Reliance business model will provide a technology platform for millions of small merchants all over India and strengthens the business.

Reliance Jio

If we look at the company’s achievements, in 2018 it had announced its foray into eCommerce space with a hybrid online-offline model. Under this plan, the company brought 350Mn customers to its retail stores and 340 Mn Jio connectivity customers and 30 Mn small merchants all over India who provide the last-mile physical market connectivity.

RIL-BP to install EV charging stations

Recently, Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL) and BP plc made an announcement to offer the electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at their energy stations across India. RIL and BP announced their partnership of fuel retailing in India on August 6th. This joint venture planned to install 5,500 fuel retail outlets across India. The joint ventured is owned 51% by Reliance and 49% by BP.

BP acquired Chargemaster, UK’s largest EV charging firm after BP acquired it, renamed to BP Chargemaster. It is the largest EV charging network in the UK and operates more than 7,000 public charging stations.

A RIL official said the energy stations will have EV charging facilities as well as petrol, diesel, CNG, and LNG facilities.

The establishment of EV charging points by RIL is because to help the government plans for electric vehicles adoption, sales and to cut down the crude oil imports.

The RIL holds a license to set up 5,000 fuel retail outlets and BP has 3,500 outlets. The RIL had spent Rs 5000 crore to set up 1,470 outlets between 2004 and 2006 out of the 1,378 are operated by it and 516 outlets and remaining are dealer-owned.


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