July 23, 2024

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500 e-vans deployment by Grofers by December end

500 e-vans deployment by Grofers

The online grocery retailer Grofers is planning to deploy about 500 electric vans to its last mile-delivery fleet as part of its eco-mobility efforts. Read about 500 e-vans deployment by Grofers. 

500 e-vans deployment by Grofers by December end

The SoftBank backed company started its pilot with the 50 e-vans last year in Delhi-NCR and made expansion to Jaipur said the Grofers founder Saurabh Kumar.

Grofers founder Saurabh Kumar says

“We had started with Delhi-NCR and now have about 100 e-vans here. We are starting with 50 e-vans in Jaipur now that will be expanded to 100 as well by end of the year. We are looking at a fleet of 500 e-vans by December-end that will operate across all the 13 cities where we operate,” he said.

The company wants to reduce pollution levels in the country by more than 40%. The company is working closely with the manufacturers and help them to design the concepts for EVs which should be suitable for e-commerce purposes such as deliveries.

Currently, three-wheelers Deliver about 30 orders at once

These three-wheelers are vans that can deliver about 30 orders at once. The company is working on four-wheelers so that more goods are delivered at once without the charging challenges he said.

e-vans will be procured under a leased model

It didn’t declare about the investment made on installing the EV charging stations.
The e-vans will be procured under a leased model.

Gofers competitors

It competitors are BigBasket, Flipkart and Amazon. Recently, the Walmart-owned Flipkart also aims to replace nearly 40% of delivery vans by March next year.

500 e-vans deployment by Grofers is a huge contribution to government’s push

The government in India is promoting EVs in India and is plans to bring in the 30% electric vehicles by 2030. These fleets are a huge contribution to the government’s push for the adoption of EVs.

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