May 28, 2024

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Israeli startup Blitz Motors branch in Bangalore

Israeli startup Blitz Motors

Israeli startup Blitz Motors, a 100 percent electric two-wheeler manufacturer company is in making the fast electric motorbikes mostly targeted for the corporate market.

Israeli startup Blitz Motors branch in Bangalore

The CEO and the Founder of Blitz, Raphael Moszynski says “I wanted to do something new,” “I noticed that in the world there are no electric motorbikes that go at high speeds.”

When he immigrated to Israel from London where he worked as a commodities trader for an investment bank. He thought of his passion for motorcycles and love for two-wheelers made him jump into making it.

Israeli startup Blitz Motors
Israeli startup Blitz Motors

Company makes bikes for corporate markets, Domino’s Pizza & McDonald’s

The thing which he hated was the traffic jams and getting stuck in that. He started his Blitz Motors company in Israel. The company makes the electric two-wheelers for the corporate markets such as Domino’s Pizza and McDonald’s.

Low-speed Bikes not allowed on highways 

He says that electric motorbikes don’t go with high-speed results in that they are allowed on highways as the motorcycles need to meet the speed requirements of 45-50 kph. So there was a need to make this fast speed motorbikes he says.

Israeli startup Blitz Motors develops 120 kph speed motorbikes

The Bitz makes the motorbikes with the speed of some 120 kph and can drive more than 100 kilometers more than a normal IC engine bike.

Electric Bikes are in 2 models 

The motorbikes operated with the smartphones, not keys and the bikes are in 2 models. The Blitz 3000 and Blitz 6,000.

Israeli startup Blitz Motors e-bikes-Blitz 3000 & Blitz 6,000

Blitz 3000 have a 3000W motor which is the same as the 125cc Honda or Piaggio motorbike. The Blitz 6,000, with a 6,000W motor same as a 250cc motorbike.

The motorbikes are assembled in China and designed in Israel, along with the production of the battery and other electronic parts.

1oo km range  per charge

The Blitz bikes have a Lithium-Ion battery that can go up to 100 kilometers per charge and charges the battery in less than 3 hours.

Israeli startup Blitz Motors
Israeli startup Blitz Motors

1,600 bikes are on the road

The bikes have been tested in Israel recently and 1,600 bikes are on road used particularly for food and package deliveries.

Blitz startup customers-Burger King, Israel Postal Company

The customers’ list includes Israel Postal Company, Israel Police, Environment Ministry, Domino’s Pizza, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Burger King, Asian food chain Japanika.

“We are concentrating on corporations” for full fleet solutions, said Moszynski. “Our aim is to become a leader in the last mile delivery solution to the homes for packages.”

Mostly these packages are delivered by the trucks or vans which is creating hobbled. Which theses motorbikes is the solution.

Israeli startup Blitz Motors
Israeli startup Blitz Motors

The company hasn’t received any complaints from the customers and they are mostly using their bikes for delivery purposes.

Blitz Motors expanding business with Europe & India 

So the company is confident that it is ready for the mass market. The company is looking forward to expanding its business in Europe and India.

It hopes that in June it will set up its European HQ in Belgium and later in Bangalore this year.

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