May 24, 2024

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Zip, Zap, Zoom: OSM Electric Auto Charges to 100% in 15 Minutes

Get ready for a revolution in electric autos! Omega Seiki Mobility (OSM) has unveiled the OSM Stream City Qik, an electric three-wheeler that boasts an incredible feat – a full charge in just 15 minutes. This innovation is set to redefine urban mobility, particularly in India.

The secret behind the Qik’s rapid charging lies in its partnership with Exponent Energy. Exponent’s innovative 8.8 kWh battery pack and charging infrastructure are what make this speedy charge possible. Their charging stations utilize a cooling system that keeps the battery from overheating during the fast-charging process, allowing for a safe and speedy top-up.

This isn’t just a technological marvel; it’s a game-changer for drivers. With such rapid charging, downtime between rides is minimized, maximizing efficiency and potentially increasing income for drivers. OSM claims that drivers could see a 30% boost in their monthly earnings thanks to the Qik’s quick-charging capabilities.

While the exact range hasn’t been specified, the Qik is claimed to offer a city range of 126 kilometers on a single charge. In real-world scenarios, a range closer to 100 kilometers is likely achievable. The Qik also boasts a payload capacity of 533 kg and a top speed of 45 kilometers per hour, making it ideal for urban passenger transport.

The OSM Stream City Qik is a prime example of how innovation is pushing the boundaries of electric vehicle technology. With its incredibly fast charging and focus on practicality, this electric auto has the potential to transform urban transportation in India and beyond.

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