June 15, 2024

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MP proposes EV Charging tariff Rs.6 & RS.5.90 for LT & HT users 

MP proposes EV Charging

The (MP) Madhya Pradesh Power Management Company Limited (MPPMCL) has proposed the tariff for electric vehicle (EV) and electric rickshaw charging infrastructure in Madhya Pradesh. 

MP proposes EV Charging tariff Rs.6 & RS.5.90 for LT & HT users

The tariff has been in a revised version of total revenue needs and tariff for the year 2019-20.
According to the Madhya Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission, (MPPMCL), the tariff is applicable for EV and E-Rickshaw charging stations.

The EV users who use electricity for charging their own Vehicle and E-Rickshaws will be the same as applicable for the relevant category of metered connection from which the Vehicle and E Rickshaws are being charged.

MPPMCL, MP proposes EV Charging  tariff

Tariff for low tension users (LT)  

For EV, E-rickshaws, Charging stations installations the monthly fixed charges is Rs 100 per kVA or 125 per kW of Billing Demand and the per unit tariff is Rs.6 for low tension (LT) users.

Category Monthly Fixed
Energy Charge
(Paise Per Unit
Electric Vehicle/Rickshaw
Charging installations
Rs 100 per KVA or
125 per kW of Billing

Tariff for High tension users (HT) 

For (HT) high tension users, the monthly fixed charge for EV charging station installations is Rs.120 per kVA of billing demand, and the per unit tariff it is Rs.5.90.

Category Monthly Fixed
Energy Charge
(Paise Per Unit
HT Supply Rs 120 per KVA of Billing demand 590

Chandigarh also set tariff plans for the state

As per the regulatory commission, the tariff is fixed Rs 4 per unit and Rs 100 for a month to charge on electricity bill for charging EVs.

Earlier it had proposed 5 units for 0-150 units, Rs.5.30 and Rs. 5.60 per unit for 151-400 units which will be affected if it is above 400 units. But now it has fixed Rs.4 per unit not fixing slab-wise.

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