June 24, 2024

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Govt plans to electrify 40% cabs by 2026

Electrify Ola and Uber

To Electrify Ola and Uber Indian Govt is planning to order the ride-sharing companies such as Ola and Uber to convert their fleet to 40% electric vehicles (EVs) by 2026.

Govt plans to electrify 40% cabs by 2026

The authorities will order both the companies to adopt electric vehicles 2.5 percent by 2021, 5 percent by 2022, 10 percent by 2023, and 40 percent by 2024.

The Ola and Uber have been given the opportunity to transform it’s fleet little by little, to keep the stability in the company as if they ordered to transform once 40 percent they may not be able to convert its fleet.

Electrify Ola and Uber

As per the Industry data, the sales of diesel and gasoline cars in India over the period is 3.3 million. Whereas the sales of the electric vehicles grew to three-fold to 3,600 in the year ended March, which accounts for about 0.1 percent sales. Counts very less to that of the IC engine vehicles.

If we look at China‘s electric vehicles growth, it rose to 62 percent in 2018 to 1.3 million vehicles.

As we can see growth in many companies such as Food delivery companies like Zomato and Swiggy which engages in delivering the food using its app-based services. The use of vehicles is high in the process mostly the two-wheelers.

This platforms can also be transformed electric. The motorcycles and scooters will also need to be electric from April 2023.

The various e-commerce companies such as Amazon and Flipkart are also rising, with the rise in business of delivering goods, the need for transportation will also increase.

If they also include electric vehicles in their delivering fleets it will be helpful for the transformation in the country.


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