May 19, 2024

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Chandigarh to get tariff plan for EVs Charging stations

EVs Charging stations

 EVs Charging stations tariff plan has been set for the first time in Chandigarh. The Joint Electricity Regulatory Commission (JREC) had fixed a traffic plan, the UT electricity department had proposed a tariff plan for EV charging stations.

Chandigarh to get tariff plan for EVs Charging stations

As Electric Vehicles (EVs) charging stations are the most important part of electrifying the vehicles in the country. It powers the electric vehicles. 

EVs tariff plan

As per the regulatory commission, the tariff is fixed Rs 4 per unit and Rs 100 for a month to charge on electricity bill for charging EVs. Earlier it had proposed 5 units for 0-150 units, Rs.5.30 and Rs. 5.60 per unit for 151-400 units which will be affected if it is above 400 units. But now it has fixed Rs.4 per unit not fixing slab-wise. 

National Electric Mobility Mission Plan

For the promotion of electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles in the country, the Central government had kept the National Electric Mobility Mission Plan which was launched in 2013.

It aims to secure the national fuel which can be done only after the adoption of hybrid and electric vehicles.

Nagpur which was the first city to adopt electric vehicles charging stations visited by the transport department to study about the installation.

Chandigarh registered 12-lakh automobiles

In India, Chandigarh has the highest number of vehicles, 12-lakh registered automobiles. out of which if we divide them each house will have two vehicles on an average base. The large vehicle count means a huge amount of pollution in the air.

FAME scheme

There are 12-lakh registered automobiles, according to FAME India, there are only 2525 electric vehicles registered which comes under the FAME scheme.

The highest registered vehicle category is 4 wheelers among all other categories in the city. That means the private owners are using electric vehicles more than the commercial vehicles.

If more EV commercial vehicles, public transportation fleets included there will be more chances of reducing the pollution levels. 

Chandigarh Transport Undertaking (CTU)

To reduce the pollution levels from the air, the Chandigarh Transport Undertaking (CTU) will add electric buses in its fleet.

20 Electric buses to purchase by CTU

In the first phase, CTU will purchase 20 buses as it has received permission by the ministry of urban development.

Central government will fund 60% 

The cost of one bus is Rs 5 crore and the Central government will fund 60% of the cost. This will help to bring in the EVs in the country. Currently, there are around 3,000 e-rickshaws running on the roads in the city.

800KW solar plant will be installed in Chandigargh

The 800KW solar plant will be installed by the Chandigarh Renewal Energy, Science, and Technology Promotion society-Crest. The crest is the nodal agency which installs solar plants in Chandigarh.

90 KW used for EV charging stations

Out of 800 KW, the UT administration will use 90 KW for charging station. This 90KW will use to power 65 cars in a day.

Hope all the cities will get tariff plan so that it removes the electricity bill payment anxiety from the people. It is a great step that the Central government had taken for the promotion of Electric vehicles in Chandigarh.


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